Samstag, 26. März 2011

day 208. first day of springbreak!

today was a really lazy driving day. i woke up at like 9 o´clock and made myself ready for the big travel. so we packed everything in the motorhome and had to wait for the boys.. they were first still sleeping and second didn't packed their stuff. so we left the house aproximatly at 10.30.. it was still cold a bit. we had free roads.. the trees were glittering really nice. that was coming from the ice which was still on the trees. it was like in a fairytale. so we were driving down michigan. the first stop was at a gasstation were we stopped many times before. we also ate our lunch there. some good pizza. as we were waiting for our pizzas we went to a petstore.. there were many little animal and other cool pets. fish,parrots,rabits, little pigs,and so on...  the second wewent to tekonsha thats the city were the johnsons lived before and there also one of the sons, jonathan, lives. he lives there with her wive and too kids. they too have a dog. he is a labrador really fun guy. then we headed on the road again. the landscape of michigan is really flat. all just cutted cornfields and somewhere a little farm and so on. we drove on a landroad there were also some barns and just little villages. then we entered indiana. it wasn't that big of a difference except there was no snow. we went through fort wayne.. then one time we entered a city called berne. i was super excited because its kinda my ´´kanton´´ and capitol city. everywhere were flags of the berner bear. and a swisscross. there were traditional houses and even the  zitglogge turm was there. i took `pictures so don't worry.. the mascot of the berne city are the lions... just saying. minutes later there was a city called geneva. the both of them were actually kind of amish people citys. i don't know if you know what these are but a short explanation... they don't ''believe'' in electricity so they life with horse carriages and they do all this their own. like do the laundry by hand and the dishes and their food. so you could see them driving around in the carriages.. and in like 1880 clothes. and so on.. maybe not that old but old. so we drove on towards cincinnati in ohio. it got a little more hilly we went up and down.. as we came to cincinnati i was amazed. that was a hudge city there were hudge builings and bridges and the cool thing was and too outstanding the stadium. i liked it a lot. anyways the big citys impressing me always its just so like surreal.. for a bearnermeitschi like me.. then we headed to florence in kentucky were we are right now. i forgot to tell that the boys were sleeping the whole time and i read some stuff or i looked out of the window. so we came here and i had to go and walk star as i was out there it was really freezing, there was a camper coming and asked me from where i was and i said from switzerland, exchange student from michigan.. he was like i just came from florida and headed back too indiana.. he wondered if i came too from somewhere warm cause i was with loose clothes.. he said he is freezing his butt  off... :) so  we went into our hotel room... we traveled for like 5 and a half hour. tomorrow we got to ride an other 4 hours.. we are at the tipp of kentucky. so i hope you had a nice day .. all the best
love you all..

Freitag, 25. März 2011

day 207. last day of school

so today was no snowday. it was a really fast schoolday i can tell. so i got up like always. slightly late but i could catch the bus. sarah and i had to run a bit but its alright. we got it..=P
so in school afterward. we had a shortener schedual. it was a essembly day. so the hours were shorter than other days. it was also a very easy day first hour we watched the movie adaption of october sky.. then second hour we had to write a test about the cold war. third hour was just doing nothing... it was pretty fun. i was talking to my super friends janice, jamie, and so on and on. i love this class.. then in geometry we had to correct our tests. i made 24 out of 25.. i had to correct this one fault then it was a do nothing class again. i was listening to some music with andrew. then i went to lunch. i had a nice meal and real fun with my lunch buddies.then hurried up for go to the art.. a loot of people were missing. they were all going on vacation. so i started to finish up my painting. but i was soo tired and lazy i couldn't do much. then i went to sixthhour and we just played random stuff. my two brothers didn't had better stuff to do as eat there lunches... it was a funny sight. so after this class there was the essembly. it was not like the others it was a students+staff basketball game. it was really fun the referee always gave points to the students and it was just anyways fun. then i went home by bus and sarah and i walked home ... we talked about how excited we are for springbreak. then at home i had to take a nap. and because vicky was coming to talk i didn't went to softballpractise... it was a really nice day actually... after i woke up i ate something little. then vicky came and we talked a bit bout this and that. then i went out to the car and there were laura, aisha and so on.. they just came back from florida..=(
it was really nice to see them though.. i loved it. then i went back in and went to bed early. so i'm not sure if i can write you or you have to wait the whole week .. but anyways. i will write. so love you guys and all the best...!!! have a nice springbreaK!!

Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

day 206. snowday the second

That morning i woke up at the mean time then greg knocked on my door and told me that there is no i slept for an other two hours. then i decided to get up and don't waist this precious time. because it was super nice weather. i went down and ate something for breakfast. then i went outside and did the shoveling for everybody. because i wasn't up the time yesterday. so i said i'll do it for you guys today. after i finished it which was a lot of stuff... i headed upstairs and did my room. after a while chris came and we listened to some music. it was really funny. after that i had to pack for springbreak...then it was time for eat lunch. i had some thai soup it was soooo spicy.. brrr. after that i decided to go running to the tridge. even there was still snow it wasn't that bad. so i went there and the sun was shining.. i really don't know why we had a snowday but by the tridge it was really nice there were birds everywhere. i ran this time an other route as before.. it was special and sooo much more than an other time.. i think it was too long. so after a while i finally got home. there greg asked me if i would like to go fencing.i said sure i would like too. so i went fencing. first we had to put the tables away for get some place the united steel company had a meeting tomorrow and they said we should put them back again..we fenced a while .. nina of coarse forgot her shoes and one sock but it still worked. after practse we put the table again in order then we went home. at home there was a very deliscious meal. i was super excited to eat some. then i had to do dishes with sarah. it was really funny.. there was this cool radio station so we danced a bit..'^^
after we were finished i took a shower and immediately went to  bed. where i am now and write the blog..'^^
so see you tomorrow. and hi 5...

smile for life

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

day 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205.

it's repeting stuff. again. but everyday was a special day. so thursday it was really normal. i took home my painting and walked home. i didn't felt that good my eye still hurt.. so i didn't go to the training. it took me half a hour to get home. it was too long for me. but the weather was really nice.and the birds sang. i saw a lot different onces. like one of them was completely red. after this i went running. it was nice to go running in this springydays. then some homework and lovely bed. 

fridays like that are always nice. yu just can't wait till it get 2.30.. i had softball practise and it was really hard. we did some batting practise and then we went outside on the field. it was still wet and muddy. but that didn't took us away from going throwing. a girl got hit in the forehead superhard. it swolled up very fast. i felt sorry for her.=( but she was a tuff one and didn't showed her pain. so our trainer put us in two teams and we practised outfield and infield. i got into the outfield. then after practise i went home and there michelle said we actually would have left this day for kalamazoo in a hotel. but they didn't knew where i was we couldn't go. thats why we left the next day really early. 

on saturday we left at 7.30 to kalamazoo. we as sarah, tom, james, greg, michelle and me. first we went to the house of the triplets. to get riley and lily. the babies grew up really much. they got real babys. like once with fluffy cheeks and and.. very cute. then we left for the air zoo. there were super much airlplanes and other stuff in it. it was really cool a lot of them were old airplanes. there was too some simulators and a ballooncarussel. and a 4D movie theater.. it was real fun. i liked it a lot. there was one thing two could go and sit in there and drive urself a airplane and shoot other enemys airpl. it turned in everydirection up and down .. you could even stand on your head. i went in there three times and it was all the time a looot of fun. on the way home i was very sleepy but before we left the southern michigan part we went to grandma and grandpa johnson. they lived out on the land and it was really a nice place. they have a dog. and sooo much land they had once cows and other pets. in there rooms are sooo much pictures of the family it was filled. then they also had plants growing. in the front yard they had like a birdfeederhouse. and there were so many different birds. one of them was like super red. i liked it a loot. its called a cardinal. so the mr. johnson told me in summer there will be hummingbirds. michelle told me there aren't that much bird in midland because its a town. then we went homewards. on the way there there was such a nice twilight. there was even a HARVEST MOON. never saw one before. really cool stuff. then we got home and that was it for today.

sunday i woke up too late but that didn't matter that much. we all were really exhausted from the day before. so i went back to sleep and enjoyed a boring day with lots of drawing and just stay home. 

monday dear monday. it was spirit week because of the week before spring break. i didn't know it. i realized it when a lot of people had like pyjamas on and so on. it was fake insury day. pretty cool stuff... i thought practise is at 5.30 but nina didn't controlled it and came exactly when practise ended. so i have to check after every 6th hour at my trainers door. i went home with a friend and then tried to learn for the english test of tomorrow. bedtime was closely there so--> dreamworld.

tuesday it was a niceschoolday. lots of fun. it was tom sawyer day. so i went with my ripped jeans and a lumberjack sweatshirt. it was funny to see some people with heyhats.and so on. then i had practise it was inside because outside it was really coold. after practise it was time to make a parents meeting. it was snowing pretty bad outside again. after the meeting i went home with a friend. at home i started to do my homework but i didn't believed that there is no school so i went to bed early.

and as i thought there is no school. but i got up early and washed my face with cold water so i'm awake and only after that greg came and told me there is no school .so i went to bed again and slept for like a lot. it was twelve when i was awake. i ate lunch and then helped michelle with a blanket. it was fun. then i went and cleaned up my room that wasn't that fun. i also read for a while. then jacob, james, juan and me went to the mall. it was fun. as we again got home there was food. something columbian. and from there on i was writing this blog. superlong one..=P
sarah was here too for a while. and the rest of the day i'm praying there will be more snow and snowday tmorow again..=P

so love you guys and i will see whats wrong with the picture thing.. love you a loooooot ..see ya soon..
<3 xoxox<3

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

day 198. first baseball in the face.

so that day it started the same i went up really early and then went down eat went up and dressed myself and did everythings ready for the day. then it was time to catch the bus. as i was in the school i had still to do homework it was pretty hard. then normal class day. i was a bit more tired than before, so yesterday. then i had softball again it was a pretty good practise TILL i got hit in the face by a softball. straight in the left eye. it hurt pretty much. i stopped do the practise. then i got a ride home. then we had youthgroup but first i ate something. in youthgroup i was really tired from practise..then i had to go to bed early but then james came and asked me for a favor. he wants to ask me to help him for asking a girl out for prom by a powerpoint presentation.
but then i went fast to bed.

day 197. tuesday dear tuesday.

so on this day it was tuesday. i had school again. my goal was to get up early go eat and then make myself ready for the school. it went perfectly. it was super and i had to do it more. so i went to school and there i had a super day. i had a lot to repeat but i was ready steady to go. i went to the tryouts again, softball. it was fun but not as much as before. the girls, my friends were in the other group so i didn't knew so much people. but the programm was the same. this time i also brought some gloves for batting because i was getting a blister. the throwing was really funny. we had to shout everytime and just as loud as you can. and it was just fun. then i got a ride from my friend and at home i ate and did homework  till late and then went to my lovely bed...night

day 196. Softballtry outs

today was a really get sporty again day. it started late though. i went up at 11.30 get dressed for go running. i went because it was such nice weather and warm and the sun shined. i went my main round. but at one corner i slipped and felt it kinda hurt. but taff girls don't cry and so i ran the rest. the birds where singing and everything was nice.then i went home and took a shower. it was very refreshing. and nice. then i went to my room and cleaned it up and i was kind of waiting till the clock turned 3 pm because that was the time of the start of the tryouts. so i had a super exciting day. i went to the school and there i met my friends. i changed and took my baseballglove. ou this day was a day off. just saying. we had to run three laps and then we stretched a bit. there were a lot of girls. then we put ourselves in two groups. on was going with the gloves and the other was doing the batting. i was first in the batting group. the job there was to work in pairs always at one station. so you batted and then you switched and helped putting the balls on the T or just throw it to her. two times you could work with the machine. one time you were batting like for real the other time you were just bumping. thats when you just touch the bat very slow. then we changed to throwing and it was really fun. after that we had to do some sprints and then some wallsits. for like 2 and a half minutes. i almost past out. =P
it was kinda hard. then at six michelle came to pick me up and i went home eat something. this day i went to bed early. so see ya tmorrow.

day 191-195 sick,sick,sick,halfsane, DETROIT!

so the last days, wednesday to friday i didn't went to school i was sick the whole time. it was a up and down and the most thing i did this time was just sleep and sleep. also i gave my sickness to dear juan and funny is now everybody is kind of sick..'^^
but my main goal was to get better for today because we were in detroit in the cobo. thats a hudge hall and there were the national fencing competition. they did sabre, epée and foil. there were too fencing in weelchairs. it was interestic the whole thing. there were too some merchandises and people who sell stuff for fencing stuff. i bought myself a little usa fencing patchy thing for put on my fencing dress. i would loved to fence there too. it was awesome to watch. greg and tom bought their clothes and a foil and so on. it was really a hudge event. after this we went and meet my sister julie and her husband we went to a restaurant and ate something. i was really surprised when i saw the buildings of detroit. they were in really bad shape and it looked kind of sad. and it was deadly also the sky was gray and in the streets there was smoke coming up out of the streetcyrcle thingis. but julies husband told me in summer its a lot nicer when the trees are full with leaves and so on...i saw also the detroit tigers baseball bowl. its hudge and the h of julie told me he would take me there once. i'm really exciited..=P no i'm back again and here are some pictures of today..:

so now i'm back again and its 

Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

day 190. not-felt-good-day

so this morning i woke up and i felt really strange. everything hurted just like sore everywhere. but i went to school. i wore a sweatpants and sweater. just comftable stuff. in school i was a wreck. i was just stumbling around. in english we had a test to do. about chapter 18 and 19. it wasn't that hard. we could use our books. then we wrote a jurnal about a poem. it was like when we go through a trial we always learn something. and we had to compare it with the books, the actors in it. and how they went through this trials.after that we read some of the next chapter. then it was time to hurry up in next hour. it was history tiiiime. there we had a webquest about the life in the 1950's. we had to go to this website and fill out a paper:  . after that juan came to my locker and begged me for a gum. which i gave him. i said when i wont he would put me in my locker and only take me out after his lunch. how horrible. so in geoscience we learned about the ocean. we had to take notes. in the middle of the class there was a carriage with tons of cockies and other sweet stuff. it was a fundraise for a family which someone got cancer and they can't pay the treatment. everything was one dollar. i bought something. and it was deliscious. the rest of the hour we did actually nothing as we were finished from the notestaking. after that class i hurried up to go to my locker and take the stuff for geometry. i felt sooo sick the whole time. really unconftable. but i made it.. halfways. so in geometry i had a test about volumes and surface areas of different prisms and spheres, pyramids, cones and so on. it wasn't hard. the teacher put all the formulas at the whiteboard so we just had to put it in. i had the whole hour on the test. there were just some minutes left. i talked with emily, the one from softball, about the battingtraining yesterday and how my arm is hurting.=) so then i went to my lunch. we had a fun time. for eat i had the menue as always. it was rice, pop chicken, and some broccolie and a sweetsour sauce, salad. and a good orange. then i was really in good mood. after lunch i went with jessi we talked a bit about everything. but not for ever because the bell rang and so i went to class. I went on with my new painting. we are drawing this time with acrillic and a palletknive. i love it. its a lot of fun. but i was still in slowmotion. i didn't do much. so after this it was time for go and do some sport. even if i felt really sick i gave my best. we played soccer again. it was a lot of fun. i love it. our team was really good. but we also lost sometime.  in the locker room again i asked katlyn if she knows a hairdresser. she said yes i always go to this woman and so on.. then she said we could go there once when i would like too.  so i said yes. i will see how this is working out but i'm excited. after that i went home with james and jacob. when we got home i went in my bed as fast as possible. i slept for like five hours.. at seven i went down and ate dinner. after that i did some homework then took a shower and went to bed again. but i couldn't sleep i had to cough a lot and everything hurted again. supermuch. so i went down and made some tea and a hot water bottle to keep me warm. after that i could sleep good. i also took a alcacyl.
so see you . loove you all !! <3

Montag, 7. März 2011

day so this is going to be horrible.. sorry guys!

its start with the day of tuesday.. i was still in kalamazoo. we woke up at twelve.. very late i know. so i took a shower then.  ate lunch or better breakfast.. and after that sarah and me went walking around there for a bit. we had a fun time. when we got home i helped with the triplets and after that we watched a movie. since we woke up so late the day was pretty short and kind of lazy. we went to bed early. next day wednesday we woke up earlier. sarah did her homework and i went reading a bit on the bisycle. then we finished  the second lord of the rings movie and looked to the triplets. it was the birthday of the grandfather this day. then greg and michelle came and picked us up for go home. here are some pictures of the triplets..:

so when we got home it was all the same again. except a lot of work to make up. so i went at saturday to school. there were a lot less people there. thats because all the juniors have to take a test. so i went to my classes and for my luck they didn't do anything much. and we watched a movie the most time. it was fun. and i kind of liked it to go back to school. so then i went to softballpractise. after this i had to make up work from math. i had not much to do after that so i went to bed early.
friday was a fast day. it was the last day of the markingperiod. a lot of fun. doing nothing. i had to go home straight. so i  can pack for the awaken thing.. then at 3.30. we left from the church to this event. it was a lot of singing and worshipping. there were only girls. almost 2000 were there. there were too  two bands who sang. the first one was the blank pages. and the others were superchick. funny was that at one concert when i stood right next too the other exhange from my school. so we went to an known peoples house to sleep over. there we packed our sleepbacks out and went sleeping. i fell asleep superfast. so next morning i went up lie at 5.45.. then packed all my stuff together. we ate something to breakfast and
then headed to the superbig church. there we had the whole day fun. we went home during the ride we went to sonic. there we ate. its a restaurant where the clerks come to you by rollerblades in summer. in winter you have to go and get it. the problem is you have to wait outside.
when we got home it was snowing. then at home i cleaned up my room and then had a good sleep. next day it was like this. first church. then center of the arts museums and at the end i rode the bike with james to the mall and we went to the movies. watched take me home tonight. really funny the center of the arts there was a exhibition about dinasours. it was really interesting. also about motorcycles in the back days. juan was at a soccerturnement they won one game one they lost and one was tight. at home again i cleaned up the bathroom and then went to bed. today was a fun day. i was really energetic had a lot of fun. after school i stayed 7th hour and went into the workout room. and after that i went the first time bating it was really interesting and cool. we played it with a machine which spits out the balls really fast. so after that my arms hurt really much cause its such a tremendous fast shot. so after softball practise it was really lazy town right there. i went home with juan and jacob. jacob gave us a ride at home there was dinner. it was really good. porkchobs and smashed patatoes and salad. for desert there were fruits. i liked it a lot. after dinner tom, greg and me went to fencing. i was sooooo tired of the softball that my arms really really hurt and it was hard to keep the epée up. after fencing i went home. since then i was doing homework, took a shower and then went down where i'm now and just write the blog...
so pictures are coming later. hope you are not too much disappointed.. promis i will be more serious..=P
as i promised a lot times before.  at least i try!!

Lots of love nina

Dienstag, 1. März 2011

day 177..178..179..180..181.182.183.. so this is a short resumee of the last days

its tuesday a day like almost every schoolday. greg is away because there was a big snowstorm going last days. he has to go and repair down southmichigan to fix the powerlines. after school i went to softballworkout it was pretty fun. but hard practise. then i wanted to go to swimming but it was the trainers birthday and it was cancled. so i didn't go. but then i went downstairs in the basement and ran for a half hour. through. it was pretty hard. kind of especially when a brother is shouting in your ear. RUN NINA RUUN!!
 then i took a shower and went to bed early cause i was super tired from all this running.
its wednesday. i went to school and had a lot of fun like everyday. of course mr.Frye had a a test about the chapter, in history we watched a movie, in geoscience there was a studyguide. and a lot of other stuff going. then i went bus. with sarah walking home is everytime a lot of fun. so at home i had to go and buy some stuff for the next day. i went to glens and bought some stuff to make cupcakes. then michelle, tom, sarah and me went to fazzolies for dinner. we had some good italian pasta. then we went to church for youthgroup. it was pretty fun we played the hot potato game. i almost won one time the other time i fell out early. it's a cussian which have a sound in it. you have to give it around the cyrcle and when this song stops in your hands your out. then we talked about. serious stuff.
 when we got home i made my cupcakes there were in all like 42 cupcakes. for all my friends tomorrow. in school
when i was finished i tried to do homework but i was superexciteed. then i went to bed. at twelve my lovely family phoned me and sang happy birthday. i couldn't believe I'M 18!! isn't that awesome.?
so it was time to a sleep. but as i turned out the lights. juan knocked on my door he stood there with a victorias secret bag. and sang cumpleanos feliz it was sweet. in it were shampoos and lotion.. which smelled really nice and supersweet. thanks brotherheart again.=)
then i went to sleep. in the morning. i started it normally. nobody was actually up. i went down and ate cereal and then waited for go out. michelles clock didn't worked so she overslept. i had to carry all these cupcakes in school it was kind of much. so i went and put these in my third hour room. before i went to my first hour sarah and i walked in the hallways and sarah told everybody out loud that it is my birthday. really piinlich. so then it was time to go in my class. in english there was a substitute and we just read in our book. then we hurried up in second hour. there we watched a movie. and the great thing was that its about the holocaust. never saw such a horrofic movie as this one.. =S just best birthday gift ever...=( after this class mr. chambers excused himself for that. and wished me happy birthday. then i went in third hour. the announcements said happy birthday to Nina Kurth and someone else. it was pretty cool. then i gave everybody from this class a cupcake. they liked it a lot. in this class we had after eating my muffin a study guide again. and fill out some papers about water and so on. mr stinson gave me a chewiing gum for my birthday. then in fourth hour i had a fun time with my friends who were starring at my rest of cookies. but i couln't give them one because there were other friends. it was horrible. then i went to lunch. there i gave everybody one of the cupcakes. then everybody sang happy birthday at the table and we had a fun time. jessi gave me a ballon which popped earlier. and she gave me a girraffe and  note wich was really on a beautiful notecard. i had a really nice meal this day. it was a pizza. =P
so in fourth hour they became the rest of the cookies because i really like this class. so in fifth hour i went normally in class. and we played basketball. it was a fun. after this class i went home by bus. befor that i got a present from alex it was a nina shield which he welded himself. i like it a lot.=)
so sarah and i walked home and there i skyped with my family and we had a lil birthdayparty just talking to ourselves. then i went down and there was a big cake. i blowed the candles out and open my presents. i got a giftcard from my sister for buy a earphones. really cool once + a supernice letter from her.. love you liiisa. then i got a miraculous gift from my awesoome family. a srapbook which got everything in it.also letters from awesome people. like karen thanks again for this card. and from michelle i got a giftcard for going into a casino with her. then juan and james smeared the chocolate frosting in my face i looked really tan. then i went up  take a shower and then make myself ready for go to genshis. go and look at the pictures. there you could see how they make your food, it was sooo good food. my superfriends jessi and arielle came too. i invited the whole family and it was deliscious. when we got home. i opened the present from arrielle it was pretty awesoome. thanks soooo much!!
then james and me played dice. sadly with prices. so i lost a loot of stuff. it was pretty sad. but next morning i got it back. still it was bad. friday was a essembly day. so the classes were shorter and we got a presentation at the end of sixth  hour. it was about the wintersports. pretty fun all this stuff. so after this i went with james and jacob to the movies. hall pass was the movie and its kind of in appropriate.. sometimes. but funny.and true.=)
then we went to jacob and ate something after this. we headed to a friend of them and played a bordgame. called life. it was pretty funny.then we went home. next day i woke up at like 9.30 pretty lazy day. i had to clean up my room and then james came and asked me if i would like to come with him and jacobs family to go bowling. so i went too. as we were there they said its closing in a half hour. so we went minigolfing. it was pretty fun. lost pretty bad but still fun. then we went to subway and i ate a sandwich. then jacob drove us home and we made ourself ready to go to the renfair. its like a show were you can show your talent. the mother of someone drove us there and my history teacher helper was there too. then at the midland center of the arts i bought a ticket. and we went in the hudge hall. it was really big and nice. i liked it a loot .didn't knew that we have this in midland. there were some pretty good acts. singing and playing instruments and acting or dancing. after the show we drove home. it was snowing kinda hard but it was nice. and winterly. so then james went to his friend and slept there. and juan wanted to show me a video about the escobars. after that movie which took kind of long i went to the miraculous thing called bed. in the morning they woke me up and said i have to make myself ready to go. i forgot to tell you that me and sarah are going to stay in kalamazoo the next three days. by the triplets. michelle and greg + tom are going to tennesee. the other boys stay at home. so we went down and aproximately at 5 we came here to kalamazoo.. the babys are soooooooo sweet. the rest of the evening we watched the oscars then went to bed. monday it was pretty lazy day.  i woke up at ten. helped with the babys. i forgot to tell you that the grandparents clark are here. on michelles side. so we babysitt lilly and looked to the triplets. its really awesome job. i did too a bit history homework and then i also read while i was bicycling. i went to bed early. as i said . pretty lazy stuff.=)

pictured are following from the tripplets. loove nina

day 177. good morning boys.

so this morning i woke up at 10.30.. i went down and there was michelle. of course i said i'm sorry that i woke up so late. then she said but you are not the last who woke up. so i got the permition to wake up the boys downstairs. i took a bowl of snow and rubbed it in their faces saying: good morning girls its 11. wake up. you should seen their faces it was too funny both were like ''WHATS HAPPENING?''
so i ran in my room looking me in. so the both of them came up sitting in front of my room and waiting for me coming out. so i make myself ready for a cold fight. i took my skypants, skijacket, all warm stuff for my head. went downstairs and said i'm ready. where are u? so they came barefooted and threw me in the snow. but they realized later on that they were barefooted and it was freezing outside. i stood up and was like puuh.I'M FINE WHATS YOUR PROBLEMO. luckily michele got all this on tape. then they too came out with gloves and other warm stuff and absolutely washed and stuffed me with snow. i was all around wet and freezzing that wasn't funny anymore. but too funny the start. the rest of the day i did homework and finished my drawing. (sorry can't remember that much anymore.)

but my oppinion about brothers is sinking kinda everyday. they are really mean.=S

but easypeasy.. tuff swissgirl never get thrown down..;)