Dienstag, 26. April 2011

day 214. riding horses..

its april fools day... i totally forgot that.. so i woke up and it was such wonderful weather.. i decided whatever or not i will go ride horses today. but then michelle came up to me and told me we would leave today. so i was kind of mad. but started packing.. everybody was packing and then after we were almost finsh, michelle came up to us and said: '' ou by the way, april fools day!!!! '' there she got us really bad. it was fun though.. so after wards we all went riding horses that day it was a lot of fun.. then we were driving around and looking at some craft stores. it was really interesting what people can do with their own hands. then we headed back to the resort. then juan and me went to gatlinsburg, james went to pigeon forge.. we went to a view point of gatlinsburg with a ''sesselbahn''.. and then juan bought a bibigun...(sorry when i wrote it wrong..) we also went to a ghostmuseum. it was pretty scarry..(not. i was actually laughing the whole time..) then we hurried home and then we just hanged out in front of the tv and sleeep..

Montag, 25. April 2011

day 213.lazy day again

so today i got up at like 11 and then we went swimming in the waterpark. after that i went to gatlinsburg again. this time with the boys. but later on i went on my own again. cause i went to a museum and they wont come. so i went on my own.. it was a lot of fun. then i went back..there juan gave us all, that means michelle greg and me, merengue.. it was a lot of fun.. especiallz when i always messed up.. kind off.. then michelle showed us kind of a line dance.. then bed time

Montag, 18. April 2011


that day we went the first time in the waterpark. there were two slides and a lazy river. a lot of hot tubes and it was just really nice. later that day i went off on my own into the city of gatlinsburg. it was really nice. i had a nice time on my own see all the cool stuff in there. like a lot of suvenirstores and exhibitions. then i went home and spent the evening in the hot tub.

Sonntag, 17. April 2011

day 211. two BEARS

so today when i woke up. i almost fell uncoscience it was one of the most prettiest view i ever saw. these appalachian mountains are just soo pretty and nice.  so as we were ready we headed out to the motorhome and headed into the national park. we were planning to hiking there. so we got a plan and cruised from curve to curve. and stopped at several places. first stop was at a hiking trail. we wanted to go and see a waterfall. soo we walked the trail. (which was out of asphalt) and it got pretty steep with the time.. we had a wonderful walk trough the woods and then we got to the waterfall. it was such a pretty one. we climbed down to the down place. and took pictures. it was really pretty. then we went back to the motorhome and cruised around we saw old churches and gravestones which were super old. then we saw a bear wandering around. it was a young one and we were superclose. it was so cool. then we went one with the motorhome through the appalachian mountains it was a really nice day and at the end of the day we went on a high point where we could see all ove the whole mountains it was really pretty. then there was a man who is walking the whole appalachian trail. he has like a long beard and super equipment. he said he has like 5 months. i wanted to do this too..(still) so we too took a picture with him. then it was time to go home to the log. at the way home we saw a bear again. it was a bigger one this time. it was really exciting. then at home we went to the pool till eleven and then we went sleep. at least me..=P

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

day 210. aquarium!!

so today we got up like at 11 then ate breakfast and took a shuttle to go to the close city called gatlinsburg. there is one of the biggest aquarims in america.. its from ripleys maybe you know the famous guinness books from him... it was really cool down there they got everything. from sharks to piranhas to jelly fishs.. we had a lot of fun and learned a lot. i even touched a ROCHEN.. there were penguins which are super cute. you could go in a glass tunnel and then you are like in the aquarium itself and the penguins.. then there was also a biig glassroombelt which was under the shark and just main aquarium. they had a lot different once. like one of the sawing once. or just much others. then we went to the shop and made there a few rounds. then we went out and walked across the street to the mountainmall. or so.. that was a mall for more like cowboys and so on. there we took  a oldtime picture with us as singinggirls and the boys as pokerplayer and of coarse everybody had a revolver and lot more other stuff.  the picture came out great. then it was time for some example trying. we went to the pepper palace. there you could have super hot sauce . but not only there was too milder stuff. it was really good. but the boys had to try the really hot sauce like the hottest in the world. when you eat this you got a picture taken and you got a sticker.. i didn't try . sarah, juan, james tried it. they got suuper red in the face and just hot, red tongue, sarah was crying like a baby. so then it was time to get moving. i saw a store there was everything just cowboy stuff. then we headed home. we took the trolley and then the shuttle bus. after we got home juan and i went running for a lil bit. then we enjoyed hot tube and the swimmingpool and went swimming..it was really confortable. then probably at 11 we got home and then woopwoop bedtime.:)

Montag, 11. April 2011

day 209. second day of traveling...

sorry guys that i didn't wrote  but i had to pay the internet for this.. so i write now.. so we left the hotel at like 10 o'clock.. and as we walked outside to the motorhome.. there was snow lying on the roofs. so he is following us all the way from michigan to kentucky. but we were positiv and left this place as fast as possible. so we had a pretty nice drive.. the weather was really nice and the landscape got prettier every mile we were driving. i loved it. there were hudge barns with horses.. and white fences. it was really pretty. then we got to tennessee. at the first restroom we stopped and took a picture. as we drove into tennessee, the mountains were already seen. it was really 'heimelig'.. next to both sides of the road were hudge walls of layerd rock. and the woods were fullfilled with trees. all over. i love it a loot. there were too many dogwoodtrees allaround. they are blooming white and pink sometimes. really pretty. we had a really long ride.. i was spending most of it reading articles my father sended me and looking out of the window. when we got in the city called pigeon forge we were almost there. this was a really funny city. there were different looking buildings. like a castle or a house which was up side down. or a hotel which looked like the titanic. then there were a loot of amusements parks. like gocarts and other fun stuff.
then we came to our resort. called westgate resort. it was a such a nice view there were a loot of log houses. and the whole thing went all the way up the hill. there was too a waterpark.. as michelle was getting the tickets we waited. the boys were kind of annoying cause they were singing like really bad, then we got into the waiting line for checking in. after a while bad singing and tiredness we finally went to our log. when we drove there we went up and up and up. as we got there we were at the tallest point of the hill. i liked it a lot  the view was just perfect. and our suite was like very nice. so there were two bathrooms a kitchen two bedrooms and two livingrooms. the parents had a seperate room. juan and james too. me and sarah had to sleep on the couches which you can turn into a bed. same with tom. so  it was pretty cool stuff. we organized everything then the teens went down to the whirlpool and we had a lot of fun. it was open till 11pm. there was a heated pool and a very warm whirl pool. there was music on and it was preety nice. we met  other kids from different states very interesting. then we took a shuttle. (we had one too for going down.)  which comes every 15 min. so we went up and to bed. good night