Dienstag, 31. August 2010

DAY3, 1rst Dow nd swimm- DAy

Hei there,
today was again a nice day. I had to get up at 7 o'clock because james and I had to go to the information day of the Herbert Henry Dow highschoo (here is the website of the Dow: http://www.dhs.mps.k12.mi.us/... so if you want.) so i get ready to go into school and too for the first swimtraining i was going to have. So Greg took us (sahra she have to go to her school, james nd I) when we got to the school i was like ''wow'' it's hudge..  james&I got into the cafeteria and we were listening to the importen things. after this info stuff i got in the office for get my schedule ''Stundenplan''.
Mister Faust took me in his office and we spoke about the classes i like to take so we got this thing together: 1. english 2.english 3. US history 4. US history 5. geoscience 6. geoscience 7.Art. 8. Art 9. Lifelong Fitness (don't ask me what this is..'^^) then Team sports.
Mister Faust was very kind and he showed me the whole school. my only word to describe the school is that it's soo biig. like mister Faust he is so tall and he's a footballtrainer so he is very muskulous..'^^
 i was like all the time looking up and saying ''yes.. mhm.. a okei..'' then he gave me the number from my locker i think it's something with 236.'^^and it's in the U-hall. it's called like this because it's looking like a U.. and my sister Sarah said i really shouldn't take a locker there because there is always a big mess...'^^ but i think the thing with the locker thing itself is very complicated with all these numbers.. like we all knowing nina she will have a long time to get this in her brain.. james and i spoke a bit about Switzerland (he asked me if we have in Zweisimmen something like Internet..xD) but the greg arrived so he took james at home and i went to the pool.
there were many girls (it's only a girltraining...) between them there were really good onces. first i had to fill out some papers..i went into the pool and swimm with them and it was pretty nice. and i made some good  friends like ariella and lizzy and and.......when it was finished greg came for take me home(I hitted myself at the mirror of the car..->embarrasing. now there is a blue spot right in my face...'^) but first he had to talk with Garry (swimtrainer) and then we got home. we eat something the we went in the shopping mall for buying a tellcard..(4me) so it was again 5 o'clock and i have to go to the pool (there ar 2 trainings 10-12 nd 5-7 pm but in the schooltime there is a training at 5 o'clock in the morning...=S and one in the afternoon. maybe i go to both of the trainings..'^^ i don't know.this training was harder we had to do sprints ((and i hate sprints so..=( )) i dont know it's good but i did the 100 m in 1: 24 i think thats normal or only BEGINNER. '^^
after that greg nd sahra came to take me and we went home to eat spaghettie!!!i have to say that greg is a really good cocker!!then i made some sprints with doggidog STAR..Here she is doing a lil break.'^^

then Sarah and i watched a movie called Alice in Wonderlan.. <3 love him..'^^
and now i'm lying here and a write you rhat i'm loving you all and miss yu alll...<3<3<3<3

Montag, 30. August 2010

Day 2. Hamburger Day

Hi there. Today was a funday. But it was a crazy night. Like Rylie woke up at 3am and she was screaming "let me sleep in my room" (her room is in my room) so when i had turned on the light Rylie was like "ou okei" and she went back to bed..=)
Later, in the morning she came to me in my bed and she told me that she is so proud that she stayed the whole night in her bed.'^^ after that we were playing with her dolls..'^^
then we went down and ate some donauts and then i spoke with Michelle and Greg about the exchange students who were at their home (i'm the ninth one..) so then i went out and wrote at my Tagebuch. after that chris asked me to help me doing cleaning the place outside. so i helped. we had to clean the stones with clorox. so and Star (the dog )was watching all the time to get in the garage for hunting a squirrel.  she loves hunting little animals so.=)
then we had lunch and james asked us (sarah and i) to help in the garden. It was really hot today so we helped like 15 min. and we decided to go in the pool and so we did. (by bike.) there i met a guy which will be in my grade called antony. He's like 14 and taller than me..O.o
went back and cocked the dinner.-> Hamburger.
after that sahra and i in the garden and play dart nd soccer. we hadn't done enough sport so we went jogging.;) it was soo hot so we took a shower at the sprinklers..'^^ as we got home we two girls took a shower nd then sahra doing my hair while we listening to swiss music.=) now it's time to go to bed there is a informationday and we won't get to late there..;)
good n8.! <3

Sonntag, 29. August 2010

DAY 1. by the Johnsons

So here we go.! sorry that i just started with today but i'm a little bit lazy to write the week before. so the only thing i can say that it was AWESOME!! New York i love yu!
Okey today was the first day by the johnson and it started with that i had my bell one our back and of the matter we were went today to church i was scared that i got up too late so i quickly put my clothes on and went down. But nobody was there exept Tom and Rylie which were playing Wii. so i played Wii too. then we ate pancackes. and walked to church. it was very nice. very diferent to the Swiss church. So after that we went to a hudge shopping center to get a new sim- card.. so i have now a new tel.numbr.(a american one.=)
after that james & chris stayed at the shopping center and all the others went to the swimming pool. It was a pleasure because it was such a hot day!! It's a small but a very nice swimmingpool and there are two very nice red slides..'^^)
so now we were at a resturant which make hudge Ice creams!!! but it was so good.!chris and i made a little competition. who is faster finished with the Ice cream but it was so big i couldn't finished it.
we are home now and rylie plays a game with me called 'simon says' really cool..'^^(i'm the ''aunt'' of Rylie she is 4 years old and sooo cute!) now we were going to eat marshmellows and chocolate burning in fire.. hope all of yours doing well.! xxx <3