Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

day 125. (kindof)homeworkday...

so today i woke up at 8.00 and tried to get up till nine o'clock. it was a heavy fight. but i won and got up and went joggin' immediately before i overthink it.. so i went running for 20 min. when i went out of the door i was like: something smells kinda strange here!? and it was the large amount of salt which was on the streets.. brrr.=S then when i got home i took a shower and after that i wanted to do homework but i forgot the brushes at home so i went with michelle to a store to get brushes. before we went there chris had to go and make himself a account(bank) during he did that sarah and i were working to get rid of my swissaccent. it was very funny. then we went to the craftstore to get brushes. when we got home i tried to do a bread it took me the whole afternoon. during the time when it had to rise i draw on my painting. that was the whole afternoon. then like at 6.00 michelle brought some pizza from pizza hut and we ate pizza. she brought some christmas ornaments. they didn't found one with my name on it so they gave me one which stands for friends forever. it's a glassbowl with lightning shiny lights in it. '^^ with the time i came on the point that i like to have a middle name too. so what do you think. at the end we got to too names: they suggested:
1. Nina Elaine Kurth (NEK)
2. Nina Susanne Kurth (NSK)
which is better? or better once?
please answer on this number: 1-989-492-6670
so then i finished working on my drawing. during that i watched bones. cool serie. love it.
when my bred was finished i let it cool out.. then i tried it and it was superdruper. liked it. michelle tried too..she liked it.
so now i have to go to bed cause everybuddy else is going too..

looove you guys. peace out. <3<3<3

sleep good or have a nice day! wherever you are..!


Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

day 124. lazyyyiness

so this day rite here i woke up at 10. o'clock the first thing was i took a shower. then i ate lunchbreakfast. and watched tv for a while. then my goal of today was to do my homework. so i tried to but there were my best buddies out there rahel and sabrina which i didn't saw for a while so i skyped with them for a long while. then i tried again to do homework but then sarah told me to come down and see the news there was a bombattack against some people in michigan..=S then i went uppstairs to do homework again but then i skyped again with lisa and moma.. (skype is one of the coolest inventions everr!!! when you wanna skype once..-> purple__morning___) then i had to go and eat something.. there was a casserole it was supergood.! then i went uppstairs and made serious homework.. i really finished it. and now i'm sitting here doing nothin..'^^
tomorrow i wanted to do my homework day n°2. and i'll do it..yeeha!!

love you guys(<- even if yu are a quiet folk.'^) and i wont forget you again.(<- not for sure.)

day 123. joggin'

yesterday.(sorry that i didn't wrote it yesterday..=S)
so yesterday i woke up at eleven.. i can say sarah woke me up.. there is a rule people who don't wake up after eleven they could be woke up by someone else.. so i woke up as sarah came jumping on me. and taking my blanket away. so i went eating my breakfast. then made myself ready for go running. i went to the tridge and back. it was really freezing and when i got home i had frostbite several places.. brrr.. then i took a hoot shower and went to the warm oven. later on we wanted to go to the movies all together but our movie was sold out so we went home again to see cats and dogs 2... it's a really funny movie..=P
then i skyped with my super druuper sister LISA!<3 and after that i went to bed early. so good nite'^

Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

day 122. mall

so today i went running for a hour in the morning.. then i went to the mall with everybuddy. but after a while i went alone. so i had a great time on my own. later on i met chris and kathlyn so i could go home with them. at home i made some homework then we ate dinner and after dinner we watched a movie. THE A-TEAM.!! a must seen movie love it.. it's the new one. then bri phoned me and i realized how much i missed her..sniff..=P then i came up and wrote soo much from my bloggin blog..=P took my looong
so i like to go to bed but i promis pictures will follow!!!<3<3<33<<3<3<3<3 love you guys. nina

day 121. tessa

this day we went an visiting tessa. we went with the motorhome. it was a long travel. we went to the thumb of michigan and all the way down at the boarder of michigan. then we saw a hudge river and greg told me that over this river is Canada. so i was that close to canada yet.=P
the river had a lot of ice on it. they said we will go to canada when we are going to the niagara falls.'^^
then as we got to tessa. i finally saw everymember of the johnson family. she lives in a house with her boyfriend. they have a pretty cool house. they have turtles and a guinipig.'^^also over 2000 dvd's and movies. we watched also one there eating chips to it. then we had to go back and we went the same way back. at home we ate something and then i had to go to bed. i was really sleepy. even there are holidays.=P


so tday was christmaas. it was quiet awesoome.. i woke up at eight o'clock and i went downstairs to get open my stocking. there was a shampoo in it and i was soo excitrd whohoo. then we watched james packing off his presents. then he left and we packed out our presents. andrew and zakkila where there too. andr. is the son of michelle and greg. there was too kayden their daughter, she's such a sweetheart. then we packed our presents. i got earrings a neckless a giftcard from abercrombie. then a calender from my best friend rahel. two sweater a sweatshirt a tshirt..pencils. i was sooo happy. then we watched a movie red. then we ate some snack and the whole afternoon was like this.ou shelbys boyfriend was here too he and the others came yesterday in the nite. during the afternoon my other brother came too so the room was really crowded at the end. then i went to the computer on skype and skyped with my family at home. there were everybody there and it was pretty cool speaking with them showing my stuff and they were by my grandmother and sang some songs. but after a while i had to say goodbye and they "had" to open presents..=P
then i went down again and spent some time with the family. then in the nite a lot were leaving. i went to bed too in the nite.

day 119. shopping with james and friends.

so i woke up and actually wanted to do homework but then james asked me to go to the mall and go christmasshopping.. so i went with them and we had a lot of fun. an other exchangestudent came and an other friend of him. it was quiet cool.  that day i finally found a hotwater bottle wooohooo!! then this evening was christmas by us. so i went on skype and looked what my family is doing back there. and we had a great talk. after that i ate dinner and then went to bed..

day 118.dropping of rylie getting shelby

so went this morning to several places. we went to grandrapid to get the oldest grandson from michelle and took him to kalamazoo to go to camie and jeff. we went all together on the way we watched despicable me. then when we arrived we ate some coockies and turkey. we were there not for soo long and then we headed back home. on the way we went to a hudge mal. i was there before. sarah and i went together and we had quiet fun. after a hour we had to be by the motorhome. as we got home home i found out that james is leaving for thailand and he is going on the 25th...we took shelby that day and it was really fun. at home i went straight into bed.'^

day117. back to normal life.

at 5 o'clock we got to the busstation in sturgis and we said goodbye to everybuddy and sad sad stuff.!!!
we droved the same way as we got down. first with the woman.from idk. then we met vicky at the uncle johns cider mill then in clare greg took me with rylie. and we drove home. there i had to unpack all my stuff. michelle and me went to the mall to visiting santa. it was really nice.there. after that we went a bit christmas shopping. after this i was sooo tired that i went to sleep very fast this evening.

day 116. ellis island and statue of liberty!

this morning we had to had packed everything and ready to go. so we went down and i put my stuff downstairs in the lobby. then me and laura went eating breakfast and had a real foody food. we headed off at nine towards the station where we cold go on a ship to go to ellies island. we went to a security place and then on the boat. it was really crowded. the ellies island was a place where you had to stay when you were a immigrant in the 1815-1950 and wanted to live in america. so we were in this museum and it was reeallly nice .first we watched a movie. i saw it before and the chairs were soo confi that i and almost everybody felt asleep..=P
then we went outside and watched at the museum. me and an other boy went and made the audiotour it was reeeaaally interesting what they were telling us .. i was so facinated that i forgot to eat and i almost missed the ship that way.=P
they were looking after me and i had to hurry up so fast we had to run..xD
then on the ship we went to the statue of liberty. it was really nice like last time she was still standing there. we took a loot of pictures and it was a wonderful day. but also i felt sad bout all those mill. immigrants who had to come over and learn the new language and go through a loot of stuff. then we went to the flag of liberty and i also saw the bike of libery.. it was soo cool everything. sometimes i still can't believe that i'm here in the USA.!
then we took a picture of everybody and then we went on the boat. it was pretty cold to sit outside but i really liked it to be there... so i sat there and enjoyed the view. after we arrived we went to the bus. we headed home. it was such a funny travel. i sat next to bri and we had such a funny time. then after a stop when we all had to go out we, me and bri were messing around and we tried some of the coats on and it was so funny.. when we got again on the bus we watched two movies which were really fun though. with the time i felt asleep too like the others. i couldn't sleep that good, it was sooo unconftable and cold so brrrrr... but better than no sleep. nite

day 115.the empire state building..

this day started actually the same we headed out late. they put us out by the central park this day. we walked trough the park then to the famous library , which i liked a loot..(maybe for those who saw the movie the day after tomorrow.. when they were hiding in a library it was this one.=P) then we went to central station which was too very cool... after this we went to macy's and we could do whatever we want.. it was pretty nice i spent my time with chevin and bre. we went to  a pizzeria and ate something then we did a loot diferent stuff. after a hour we met again. but this time with the whole group. did i told you that there were everywhere awesome shop windows. with super duper kool things in it. at macy's there was a whole story in it.=P
then after meeting we went on the empire state building. as we walked away from the building i was asking bri where are we going.? she was like to the building.. then i was like but it's over there and she was like och i'm so a bad leader .. but she's not..i can tell! then we went to the building and there was a man in a orange coat and he was offering us some cool thing we could stand in line for two hours and pay $37 or going to a sightseeingtour and don't stand in line for $42 then we were like we have to hurry up and so we decided with a worryed mind to get the tour and get up there.. then when we went with him to the place and paid there were others from our group there and we ask them how much they paid.. and they were like $21 for only up.. and we were like WHAAT, DIDN'T SAW THAT ONE COMIN'
then we ask the information and they were like that he totally lied to us and we paid too much. then we could wait for a half hour for getting our money back.. so we went up there for$20 as a sorry from them and we got ice cream.. so when you are in NY ask someone real befor just buy.!'^^
but the sight up there was AWESOOME loved it.'^^

when we got down we went to the bus and i went immediately to bed. i was sooo tired from walking.. nite

114. first day in groups

so we woke up and me and laura went down and ate breakfast. during our eating the other two took a shower. when we got up we did the reversal. as we were ready to go at 8.45 down in the lobby, the most of our trip friends were eating breakfast. so we left the hotel at approx. 9.15 but doesn't matter. then we went in the big city!!! there they let us out by the st. patrick church. we went in there and (that was my first time there) i liked it a loooooot!! it's really different for america. to see a church like this made me a bit homesick. or think about the holidays in italy. i liked it a lot. but as it was sunday and too the fourth advent there was a big thing going on..'^^ we left and our next goal was to visit the rockefeller center the ice skating rink. as we were there and took pictures we went to the central park. our next destination was to go iceskating in the park. so we walked trough the park a bit. then there was this big yellow bird. and we were taking pictures with it. then there was this woman who came to us and told us we had to give a donation. bri and me were like...WHAAT?? we have to pay for taking pictures.later on i realized that it's only a donation..=P then as we came to the rink we went down and went iceskating.. you get there and you have to pay for the shoes and as long as you can skating..($18)
then we skated there for like an hour. there were veery much people there and i was really exciteed. i loved it.'^^ like in the movies.'^^
 then when we went back there were those horse carriages where you could get a ride through the park, but they were like $50.. we went again in the city towards apple store. on the way we went by the ( ) plaza hotel. all the girls from this group went in the hotel and looked for the restroom it was awesome nice in there... when someone wanna be nice to me invite me for dinner in there.. so when we got out we went in the apple store it was really crowded in there but nice. then we went towards the time square. then while we were walking there i saw tiffanys and i really wanted to go there. so i went in there with bri and we went in there and it was reaaalllly supernice. i wanted to see the tiffanyheart so we asked and it was in the third floor.. there were so many people standing by the lift so we went by the stairs. it was really a hard work out going up there. but it was fun.'^^
as we were up there and i saw the heart i felt cool..=P not that but yes it was really nice beeing in and up there.. but we had to go back and look after our group as we were there we only saw the half of it so we asked were the other were and they were nowhere we contact them but they were by the appleshop again. i think they understood smth wrong then we went to the rockefeller center again and said we will meet there. finally we found them again. we went to the timesquare and we went to american eagle. when you buy there something you can get in the down part and take a picture which later on appearce on the really biig screen outside. so we did this and we were veery excited to be on the BIG SCREEN!!! WOOHOO. then we went to eat something in the mcdonalds. after ate something we went to the bus and headed back home.. there in the hotel room me and our group watched a movie. it was a real funny one..=P
then sleeping tiime!bb

Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

day 113.NYC...superduper city..!!

so we got to new york, actually a bit outside of the city, at 5 o'clock. tammy said to us we should go sleep and relax a bit then at one o'clock we are going in the city. so it was really cool morning then we slept for five hours and then we went swimming very short then sadly we missed take breackfast. so we went to china town and little italy. it was pretty nice there. then we also went to a chinease restaurant and we had so much fun all the time!!!! so it's gettin' dark and we went back to the bus and made our way to the grand cero.(from the nintheleven) then tammy, the leader, took us with the bus on a sightseeingtour in the night.!
 it was really nice though.. we had a loot of fun. then when we got to the hotel we had to be in bed a 12.00 but first we had group meeting what we r going to do for next day. every group did their self thing. then we  went to bed. i forgot to tell that i'm in a room with two portuguese and one girl from spain. and i was the "chief" from this room. so i had to look that everybody is right on time.. so guud night.'^^

okei these aren't all pictures there will be more coming up..