Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010


okei i'm not dead. i was only away for the weekend and today night i had soooo much homework so i'll write the whole days tomorrow. have a nice day and see yu tmorrow or better today(for me..'^^)
<3<3<3<3 nina

Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

day 62. DOW beat MIDLAND whoohooo

hei there, today was dress up day and i went to school  by a skirt it was freezing outside so i walked faster over there. in school it was always the same we had like every lesson new stuff but it was always the same. so then at lunch i could go with friends to subway and ate there it was a looot of fun and i liked it soo much it was nice!
then in sport we did again the lifting things and then i went home. there michelle picked me up for go to the opticshop to get my lences. then we went too to the post office for send my present for my grandmother and lisa.. it'll take 10 days so it's coming there exactly the right time. then we went home and i had mashed patatoe. then we had to hurry up for swimmmeat. i came exactly at the right time. then i swam the madly relay we got fifth and then i had to do too the 50's event. there i got my new record.. the old: 32.97 new one: 32.76..jeee'^^
then i took a shower and changed because i was finished. midland high got her seniorate today and it ws a looot of fun. then there was too diving.. at the end we won. GO DOW!!
then michelle came and picked me up and i ate dinner. then i went to the computer and did some homework, and now i'm sitting here... have a nice day and a lots of greetings. loooove nina!!

Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

day was windsday

hy there
today i got up earlier than otherdays but at the end i also had to hurry up for the bus. then while we drove to school the busdriver asked us what kind of music we like so then the other said rock. but i think he would put it up tomorrow. then at school i had to make shure that the vulcano project came to mister theisen and i went into the mediacenter. then in english we spoke bout the book, in history we had about too mens who wanted education for the blacks. then in geoscience we finished looking the movie. then in geometry we started a new theme called triangles. at lunch there was a girl who had birthday and  she brought up cookies for all on our table. they were sooo delicious..mhhhh then i met too a friend from germanclub. after lunch i started with the painting of the primary mix. then in sport felicia and i did some '' HARD-WORKOUTS'' it was a lot of fun with her. in swimming we did our best and did a lot of flys and backstroke. we did too freestyle sprints on 25. i had on one 14.9 sec. when i could hold it like this and could make tomorrow my new record.. but i don't really see it. tomorrow i had to swim 200 madly relay the freestylepart and then 50 free. we have the meet against midland high so wish us luck. then there was too stretching. after this i had to wait for 20min for greg. at home there was  spaghettis. then we had to hurry up fo youth group. we spoke about the relationship between us and god. then after this i went home and i saw a package for me..!!!!¨and the badingsuit arrived.. the teamsuit... woohoo.'^^
then it was a really nice evening for me. there was icecream. i took a shower and i tried my badingsuit and too my dress up clothes for tomorrow..--> swimmmeet.
then i answered some e-mails. and i also the best is i don't have so much homework!!
here is a picture of the swimsuite-(i really had too much time.)

so now i'm going in my dreamworld..byebye.
loooove you all.


Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

day 60. tornado watch

today was very windy day. when i got out for to go to the bus i was nearly blown away it was windy.'^^
i took my jacket and went with sarah to the busstop there i saw we have a new driver. he said we have to be there earlier. at 7.03.. so i have to get up earlier..'^^
this busdriver drove a completly other way but for me it doesn't matter so much. I only have to go to the school at the right time. the school day was like every day. in english we continued reading and in history we read bout reformers. then in geoscience we looked a movie called ''dantes peak'' .. we didn't finished but it's bout a volcanic eruption with pierce brosnan. i like that movie.^^
then in geometry we had a test. after that test there was a announcement: '' excuse me the interruption but there is a tornado watch, that means there are the perfect conditions that there could be a tornado..''
i was soooo excited =P. that would be so cool. but there was only a lot of wind and rain. at lunch i sat by amanda and her friends. one of her friends she brought sweets for us because there is halloween.'^^ it was deliscious. then i went to art. now i'm at the picture with the elefants but i only can use the primary colors and mix them to the real colors. luckily i have a black nd white picture..'^^
then in sport we did real weightlifting. i did my best and lifted and lifted.
then in swimming it was really hard and exhausting but i did my best and tried to swimm good. i'm very tired right now...'^^ then i went outside and looked if there is  greg but there wasn't one. so i texted michelle.. luckily i had my jacket and had warm cause there was a really hard wind blowin. then for dinner we had macaronies and salad. it was really good. after this sarah and i had dishes so we cleaned and cleaned. then i went up and finished my PPT of the fuji vulcano. that took me real long and i had too to do the present box for my grandmother. her birthday is soon so.'^^
A lot of love to you and have a wuunderfuull wednesday enjoy it there wont be a other 10-27-10 again..=P


Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

day 59. mondaymonday

today i got a new record!! the first time i missed the bus..woopwoop'^^ it started like this i put my alarmclock on 6.o'clock nd i left my room at 6.50.. hmmm. then my sisterheart phoned me and we talked for 2 min. i had to hurry up cause i didn't had breakfast. so I ended the phone and ate cereals.. then sarah and i went together to the bus station. why we were walking my grandmother phoned me and told about lily and the cats and and. but we didn't recognize that we are sooo late. so we missed the bus. we walked home and i was so sorry for michelle cause she had to give us a ride now. then i had sooo luck cause my first lesson teacher was late too so he doesn't sign me as a tardy. actually the lessons were all the same as usual(shure with other themes and stuff but these were lessons.) only in geometry i can tell you smth funny.'^^
mr. theisen asked me what i listen too in switzerland. so i showed him, something which is a bit cool too, BLIGG, musig us dr schwiz.. and they were like :" this song is awesome...'' '' best song ever..!!!" and so on.. it was so funny.. then in art we have to finish our first drawing.. for tmorrow.. so i had to take it home. in sport we had theorie.. then in swimming i felt really good but at the end i felt crappy.'^^
when i got home there was swissfood on the table. michelle cooked for us something like Rösti and a Rüebliturte..=P then i took a shower and did my homework which was 10min geometry and english then 3 hours drawing the elefants.. i'm sooo tired now.brrrr.
to here they are and too you can see my new wall. the pins showing were i was everywhere since i came here:

in love and have a fluffy thuesday`!!!y<3<3<3

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

day 58. pumpkin carving!!

today it was a niiice day!! i woke up at 9.00 did my bed. and dress up for church. we were too lat for first service so we went to the second at 11.30. it was very nice.  there were too beagles and stuff. so after church we went to a mexican restaurant. it was very good --> the food. i had a steak. and it was wonderful to sit with the family and eat lunch. there was too a tv were guys were fishing catfish. i was very facinated so i like to do this too once. then we went home and carved our pumkins. chris's girlfriend was here too we had a lot of fun. sadly i took a very hard pattern. one with werewolves.. i had like 3 hours. then we looked a movie called "taken." it's a sad movie,(i think.) while we were watching michele put the sews of the pumpkins in the oven and then we ate them there were awesome good. then i went out with star for a walk. it was nice i phoned with my mother in sui. and she just told me that it's snowing backthere.'^^
when i got home i had dinner. there was pizza. after this I went up in my room and begun to do my PPT for the volcano Mt. FUji..
here are some pictures from the pumpkincarving:

soo good night everybudy.!<3

Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

day 57. shopping with aisha and laura...cornfeald!!

today was a funday. i woke up at 8.30... cleaned up my room, ate breackfast and did the bathroom then we went to the mal to see other exchangestudents from michigan and went shopping. it was real fun though. they came down cause they don't have a mall up there.! we went in all those shops and so. i found my wintercoat. its a really nice one and cheap. i also came to the idea that i could buy a scrapbook. and there were sooooo much stickers i could buy and sooo nice papers. so i'll wait a bit . cause its expensive..=S then i could choose if i go with the girls and the rep. to their home or going to a cornfeald with the church.. i took the 2nd one cause there is a other weekend when i could go to them..
then we went home and i got a present!! from my parents.. and i wanna thank you sooo much they are awesome. i got stockings and veeeerry nice gloves! THANKS! there was too chocolate for the family and stockings for sarah.. then we had to go to the church. i was veery exciting. we had to ride for like a half hour then we had to pay $7 and you got too a lightning band  and it was veery fun in there. me and sarah went alone. there was a really muddy ground and sarah were in flipflops...hehe her feet looked like crab.'^^ my shoes doesn't looked better..'^^ then when we got out (actually not by the real exit..^^) but then we went in the barn and i got one of the caramelled apples it was soooo good.! then we went home. in the car there were too sophia and her  hostsister and other friend.! it was a funny ride. after we put them home we went too tacobell and ate there our dinner. you have too try quessedila it's soo good. for real. mmmh. then when we finally got home I took a shower and now i'm lying here.'^^
there are some pictures from the mall and the cornfeald. all the best love you all..<<3<3