Montag, 30. August 2010

Day 2. Hamburger Day

Hi there. Today was a funday. But it was a crazy night. Like Rylie woke up at 3am and she was screaming "let me sleep in my room" (her room is in my room) so when i had turned on the light Rylie was like "ou okei" and she went back to bed..=)
Later, in the morning she came to me in my bed and she told me that she is so proud that she stayed the whole night in her bed.'^^ after that we were playing with her dolls..'^^
then we went down and ate some donauts and then i spoke with Michelle and Greg about the exchange students who were at their home (i'm the ninth one..) so then i went out and wrote at my Tagebuch. after that chris asked me to help me doing cleaning the place outside. so i helped. we had to clean the stones with clorox. so and Star (the dog )was watching all the time to get in the garage for hunting a squirrel.  she loves hunting little animals so.=)
then we had lunch and james asked us (sarah and i) to help in the garden. It was really hot today so we helped like 15 min. and we decided to go in the pool and so we did. (by bike.) there i met a guy which will be in my grade called antony. He's like 14 and taller than me..O.o
went back and cocked the dinner.-> Hamburger.
after that sahra and i in the garden and play dart nd soccer. we hadn't done enough sport so we went jogging.;) it was soo hot so we took a shower at the sprinklers..'^^ as we got home we two girls took a shower nd then sahra doing my hair while we listening to swiss music.=) now it's time to go to bed there is a informationday and we won't get to late there..;)
good n8.! <3

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