Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

day 34.triiicities!!

today there was a swimmmeet. so we had to dress up. we decided to put on fancy leggins,shorts and our swimm t-shirts. so i put on what they said and prepared the buddybags. when we wanted to walk to busstation it was raining cats and dogs.!! so i picked up tom's umbrella and we went. it doesn't made so much against the rain but at least we got wet not that bad. school was like everytime. you could really see who is in the swimteam or not. there were some craazy leggins in the hallway.'^^at 12.45 all the swimmers were excused from garry to go to the meet. i made some pictures:
we got buddybags and patatoes. then when we got to haritage we hurried up for go changing our clothes. then we had to warm up. tricities is a meet with several clubs. so it was really full. after 25 min we had to go out and then we were going waiting in the locker for warm up again for 5 min. in the locker room we paige had her speech which was like every time very convincingly. And we were ready. so we had 5 more minutes to warm up. then the meet began. and there were so many girls so there were too many heats. we got home at 9.20.. it was really a long meet. i luckily had only to do 50 and 100 freestyle. i was very happy beat my personal record... 50 free-> 32.97 and 100 free->1.15.... also when it's only a second..;P
then there were a lot more races and we, the once who were finished or didn't have to swim we were chearing veeery loud.. different to the other pools was that the chairs were really high.. the chargers..dow high, us weren't that bad there were some girlz who where qualified for saturday.. and i think i have to go cheering. after the final we are going to applebees and then we're going to one of the swimmers home and we are doing a sleepover we are going to watch several disneymovies.  when we went to the bus for home we got 2 pieces of pizza and a buddybag with apple sweets and midland greg was waiting at the school and so he picked me up for home and there i took a shower and homework and now i'm writing the bLOG.! so i wish yu a nice day all the best ... xxx nina..

Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Day 33. teamdinner!!

today i stood up veery early. my ring rang at 4.15. I decided to go to morningpractise. Greg drove me to school i wasn't that tired. the training was actually easy. it started at 5 o'clock and there were mostly all girls. I felt very fresh as i took a shower and went in my clothes. ou yes.. they told me i had magic hands. i pushed a button for the showers and it supposed to not work one side of the showers but i only pushed the button and it worked. (later I destroyed it. again. sory=P) there were too a very good  breakfast offered from a mother of the swimers. it was wonderful good.'^^ there were sausages, cheesebacon, beagles with supergood creams, fruits and and. then we said what we are wearing for dresscode tmorrow. (tomorrow is tri-cities.. ) when i went to school i was soooooooo tired my legs very heavy as iron... then in geoscience i nearly fell asleep it was very unconfortable.. -.- but i stayed awake and was looking foreward to go to bed. the rest was like every day. got a geometry test back-> 22.5/25..
in sport we were doing a weighttraining. then i wondered if i should go to afternoonpractise because i was so exhausted and a lot girls don't wanted to go.. but i stayed and went to training. it wasn't that hard but the swimming hall was soooo frreeezing cold.brrr nearly frozed.'^^ and my legs werent in shape. tired and heavy. after practise i went with ariels mother to emilys home and the swimteam had dinner. there were spaghetties (you can order these hudge boxes--> partyservice) and there were too salad, and cookies. it was perfect nice and good. Ariels mom put me home. she is soo nice like her. she, and ariel offered me to go to a hockey match once and for dinner and stuff. at home i had to hurry up because we went to the youth group. there we first played a game and them we spoke about the stress we now had and stuff. it was nice. when we got home i finished my homework and now i write my bloggyblog. hope you are all fine. because i'll go now in dreamland.. love you all.. nina

Dienstag, 28. September 2010


today was a normal day. i stood up at 6.30 (greg knocked at the door'^^) so i fast took my stuff and went down for breakfast. then i went alone to the busstop sahra got picked up, she asked me if i like to come to but i had to telephone with father, something about fencing. then i went to school and it was like everytime. We watched in US history a very exciting movie about the immigrants at was very interesting..  At lunch time i became contact to new peoples. it was really nice. then in sport we went running  for 2 miles. in swimming i nearly died. my legs were really really tired! and the most thing we were doing is kickin..-.-
then when greg came to pick me up i was so tired and hungry like..a pig...'^^ naturally james and chris ate the whole swiss dish..but there were more thing to eat->sandwiches..and salad, spaghetti. today sarah and i had dishes. so i finished it because sarah had to go to the signlanguage.I didn't went because i have to do homework and i like to go to bed early today. tomorrow nina tries to go to the 5 o'clock training... after I did the kitchen I went with star for a walk, every tree gets to be nacked. there are everywhere heaps of leaves on the ground. it's kinda cold. so i went home and take a very warm shower!'^^
then i made my homework and now i'm sitting here and i go probably to bed soon. so good night and have a nice wednesday!
love xxx nina

Montag, 27. September 2010

day 30. fencing!

Today was a tired but cool day. I wanted to stand up at 5.30 but i fell asleep again and slept for an hour, so long that greg had to wake me up. Then i went down breakfast+go to school by bus. Then had school as always. In english i became my grade= A
Then in scince we had to hand in the projects. I knew i did something wrong.. so it wasen’t that good. There were some who did it awesome..for example cakes or really nice ideas. In swimming we did a hard sprint drill. And for dinner there was swiss food it was really nice.and guud. Then i went with tom to the fencing club it was very nice. I could fence too. It was wondrful to have a epée in the hand once again. ;P
Tom began fencing so we could practise at home. I learned a much peoples. After fencing we went home and i looked a bit dancing with the stars. I had to go to bed and now i’m riding here and so one i have too to say goodbye. Love youuuuu <3<3<3


Sory i'm really late.. yesterday. sunday. was a really nice day. i slept kinda long till michele came for ask me if i would like to join a family decision. i said yes and went down. the question was what we are doing today. we could stay at home or visit a lighthouse in the thomb of michigan. we took the second one and went grab all out homework and went into the motorhome. we drove for 2 hours. but it was really fun. star came too with us. when we got there it was reaaally cold. there was too a lil museum about the lighthouse and so we went there and looked around but you couldn't go up on the top of the lighthouse. i draw several things and michelle did also made pictures. Then james saw four deers. (so i saw the first time deers. in michigan..'^^) he wanted to go as close as possible to them. it looked very funny here some pictures:

then michele wanted to go to another place so we went to another lighthouse. it was freezing but sarah and i had a lot of fun there we took a lot of picture. and there i first saw geese like from the movie: amy und die wildgänse...i was such a nice place there. then we went to a place called grainstone. these were the round big stones where you could sharpen your knives nad so. it was really good food.!mmmh =P

then sarah and i went walking with star. and we found a veery nice place!we showed it at michele but then we have to go home. chris and i had to make a science project. the teacher told us we dont have to do it at sunday evening  but we didn't got back earlier. so i worked on my till 00.30 and it wasn't right either..-.- so i hurried up to go to bed and decided to get up earlier for take a shower...see what happend.. next post.

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Day 28.aqua zumba

hello, I was too tired to do the post yesterday. sory..

so yesterday was a funny day. I wanted to wake up early but i forgot to put on the bell so i woke up at 9.45 and at 10.00 i had  swimtraining. so i hurried up for gettin breakfast and then michele drove me to dow high. Our training began a bit different there was a woman who danced outside and we did the same in the water.we danded to samba and chachacha music it was a lot of fun!! ->
then we had normal training. after training we had lunch then tom,sarah,michelle and I went to the mall. tom needed clothes and shoes and sarah and I we went eyeshopping a bit. when we got home i had to do the bathroom and swipe the frontdoor. i had to hurry up because we went to kokomos after that.. It was very cool..!! there was a laserfightroom, a goocardbahn..'^^and a lil rollercoaster and a room full of games.  ->

It was really cool.after we got home i went in my room and i had a funny talk over skype with rahel!
so i wish you a nice sunday!!

Freitag, 24. September 2010 outlook..

this morning i had to ged up a bit earlier. But i didn't did it so i get up at 6.30. When i was dressed i went down. get my breakfast and after brushing greg gave me a ride to the school. there i met joe. on guy from the geometryclass. I couldn't be with him that long because i had to be in the library at 7.10. so i hurried up to my locke and went to the library. there was the camp outlook, a few people. I met very nice people. some faces i knew and james was there too. he was very curious why i had a ride and he doesn't'^^
then we also get some donauts, beagles and and... then the bell rang and i had to go to english class. today we had to make our journal. we had to write what was our biggest lesson and then too what was our biggest experience. i didn't knew what to write so i'll do it tmorrow. then history we had to read smth. in geoscience I had a test.! it went well it was quiet easy. then in geomtry it was quiet easy. we did something with angels. at lunch i had a wrapped salad. then i ate by morgan and ariel. in art I went further with my drawing. then in sports we had teamsportsday..whuuhuu..! then in swim practise i became a lockersign from emily( a buddy from me.) this training was quiet hard. i've got a real sore in my legs. then michele came and picked me up.we went home and there were a bowl of noodles and salad it was very good. after dinner we watched a movie called letters to juliette. it's such a nice movie. for all girls you have to see this movie!!->
now i'm lying here and i'm soooooo tired! good night everybody..<3<3<3<3

Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Day26.race in bay city!

hi friends. i was soooo tired today morning and i'm tired too now so sorry it'll be a short one. went out of bed-get food-telephoned with lovegrandparents-was funny- schoolbus-1rst lesson- was bit boring- us history-nice- immigration- teacher was kinda sick he wont come tmorrow- science- learning for test tmorrow-got grade->A- geometry- got grade A- learned bisection in a angle- lunch time- had a saladwrap-art- worked on the drawing- lifelongfitness- a llooot of running stuff- swimm practise- flipturns and starts- went on bus for meet- got potatoe and a drink- there we had to warm up and then we went in locker and paige and the others had their was fun. we were like the most meets a lot more girls than the others. then we sang a lot of cheers and we too have to say the ryme of the USA. i have to do the start from the madly relay. backstroke- it was horrible i can't do the backstroke. then sprint free 50. sorry last time i really overdued!! my best time was 34. sorry i changed it. but now i was a second faster so 33. and i was first of my heat.'^^ then 100 free.. too my new best time..1:16.. so excited! there was too a diver. she was pretty good. then i had to swim 50 free in a relay. i was too bad. one of my glasses went off and i had really problem after it. i swam too very bad. then finish for me. the girls were like everytime AWESOME! like them,love them.. then warm down. change clothes. home. we became a sandwich from subway. and a foodbag. at dow high there was a firework it ws very nice. mishelle came and picked me up . then took a shower and homework!!
now in bed and listening to some creepy noise outside..'^^
loove you and tmorrow it'll be more informative.! wish you a niiiice friday.! and hy lily!!


Mittwoch, 22. September 2010


hi, there. i had a nice day... So it started with a very tired morning. Stood up and get dressed. Then got my yoghurt and brushed my teeth (there was a letter on the counter for me!!! i decided to read it in school) then say goodbye and walked with sarah to bus stop. The guess what..The bus came and we had a ride to school. In school i went to my locker and take my stuff from first lesson and put them in the room. Then i went in the library and read the letter from my grandparents. It was soo nice to hear news from them.!! and they send me too a cuple of newspaperpieces from the schwingerkönig. that i could show them our tradition and co. then i had first lesson. and we had a little quiz about ''the essay''.
then in history we had the big test. i could use the dictionary. but i didn't done so good.=S --> 17 out of 25. but mister chambers said i have A- in the class so.. after history i had to hurry up to science. there we've done too a quiz, more a game. about the different names and designations (bezeichnungen) about the whole topic we had in the last 2 weeks. we have to work in partners. one say three clues and the other had to find out. you played always in different groups and you have to play against each other. so when my group didn't knew the name of the searched word you had to give the paper to the other group and so on. in geometry we begun with a new topic. how to find out the middle of a line. and co. Then--> LUNCHTIIME.. it was nice i tried today something new. like the wrapped salad from was delicious. i sat next to morgan and ariell. it was very nice. after that i had to hurry up for art. and we continue with drawing. We got our drawings back witch we had to turn in on monday. I got a A.  Like it. '^^
then in sport we had to run 2 miles on the lab. in the curves you have to walk and on the long sides you had to run. but it doesn't really made sence to me so i ran the whole time. ((On wednesday there are always such nice tennis player.. so i everytime find a tennisball to throw it to them.=P)) that was actually all of what we had to do. there was a really booring spare teacher. he was speaking in slooow motion. '^^
in swimpractise we had to swim a lot of backstrokes and then several free and breast stroke sprints. at the end we swam little competitions= butterfly and free. it was nice. I always get better at the flipturns. like it muchissimo.'^^ then we had to go to dryland.(kraftruum) there Garry showed us strechingpossibilities for streching our feets and legs. then i ran for a mile and made some arm weightlifting. after dryland i get my stuff and waited for michele and sarah. they brought chris for the orchestra  and took me home. at home there was some chili waiting for me and cornmuffin.
I had to hurry up because we had to go to youth club and i didn't took a shower yet and i too had to do dishes.. I quickly took the shower and then we went to youth club. It was funny, though. we had to present ourselves and then we made a name game. everybody have to write three trues about her/himself and then we had to give it to the teacher. he gave someone a piece of paper this guy has to read it out loud and we had to guess who it is. i wrot: curly hair, talkative and swimmer. Mines is tooken at the very end so..after this i had a chat with sohia.(--> sweden girl which was in the camp) we were talking about the weekend-> kokomos..'^^ and i had some donats and cider.
Sarah and i went outside and played some football. with the guys.(only throwing the ball from the otherside to thissde.) then we had to drive home. we went with the mustand and it was kinda closely at the backseat. because there was james,me and sarah. and i was really squeezed  in the middle.'^^
then Sarah and I had to finish the dishes and clean up the kitchen. I had to do homework for science after this and now i'm sitting here and writing and writing...

(tmorrow swimm meet..50 free; 100 free...)

okey love yu all.<3<3 good night or nice thursday!all the best

Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Day 24. 500m!

good evening. today was a exhausted day..
I woke up at 6.05. and lied in bet for a half an hour so i had to hurry up to get dressed. Today i (had to) wear the skirt and pullover. Because i didn't felt that good. Although it was very nice weather. this morning i had first time yoghurt for breackfast(in USA=P) and it was good.!'^^
then i walked with sarah to the bus stop. when we got to shool i immediately went to my locker and then to the firsthour room. there i saw a poster which was signed to our LEC teacher. it was signed from 50 cent.. how cool is that'^^
then i went out and spoke a bit with james and his friend, exchange student from the philipines. In LEC we spoke about how to write a essay. then we began to read a story. In US History we had about the test for tomorrow. we had to fill out a pink paper. its like a pretest for tmorrow. then we got the paper back which we had to hand out. i did quiet well. then in science we made a repetation for the test of friday about all the special names and co. then in geometry we had the test...!!! sometimes i was a bit confused but mostly it went well.'^^ after that, i had lunch and it was really nice to sit next to my friends from sport.'^^
then  in art we began with the drawing of the room. i was reeallyy tired!!! badbad.! then in sport we have to run to labs..(800 m) then we could go and be in the weightroom and check out the machines.'^^
so after this i had plenty time to do my homework we had to meet at 4.oo garry said we have training befor race. so i went out and done a bit homework and write a letter. then i had to go. when i saw the paper which says what do you have to swim it was written: nina kurth n°1 200 madly relay (i had to swim 50 backstroke), n°8 500 freestyle, n°9 50 free, n°11 100 breast...!! i was sooo shocked and thought no way  i can do this!!holymoly. but then after by the meet i was soo excited to try it. at backstroke i did baaad. i got disqualified because i end the wrong side.=S
so it was time for the 500. I jumped in and the only thought was you can do it. eifch dürehalte!! i was sooo tired after but i had the whole club who cheered me and i was so happy that i got it, egual if its 8.09'^^
so then i was too tired for the others but i've done it. at the breasttstroke i got too disqualified because i pushed the feets the wrong way.uuu. after race i went home during i phoned with parents and said what i've done. then i ate noodles and salad. toook a shower and then do homework..US history! now i'm lying here and listen to the rain and the storm out there. love it. hands up who loves this too..see!

so wish you all the nicest and goo to bed earlier because it isn't that funny..'^^
looove you all!!<3<3<3

Montag, 20. September 2010


Hei there. Today was a sick day.(for me..'^^)
Okei i got up at 6.35, too late. I hurried up for get some breackfast and then I went with sarab to the bus. It was very nice to see the morning ambience I like it. At the bus stop i phoned with my mother and we talked a bit about all the things going on. The bus was really too late. We got to school at 7.25. I hurried up to get to my locker and today was the first day that I didn't carried up all the stuff i need for english and history. Sarah told me i shouldn't do that it looks nerdie..'^^
so i had literature and mister Frye read us a story about a kid who is very poor. Then we had to write our second journal about: be true to yourself.. then in the break i hurried up  my locker and took my history stuff. In history we had again about the industry strikes and workers in fabrics. In science we learned about folds and that stuff. Then we had to work in the computer room to find out the questions who where given. In geometry we got our quizes back. I had 27/30.. Those were very simple faults which i'm not so proud of.=D So at lunch time I had a pizza and corn, salad a apple and a twix. I went to Philipp, Justin, Felicia.. It was funny. After lunch I met Morgan we spoke a bit then I had to go to art. There we had the topic perspective, and we had to give back the painting with shadows. Tomorrow we have to bring a picture of a room or something which we are going to draw.. I'll bring the picture of my grandmothers bedroom-> Bed&Breakfast.
The one with the sun in the middle.'^^
Then we had sport. We didn't done a lot. Running for 3min. Walking for 10 min. After this the teacher told us the rules from the weightroom and then we played a game which i didn't quite understood.
After sport I had swimpractise. I was really not in it to do it. I was soo tired and a bit sick. But like Greg always says-> Your a taff swiss girl. You can do it '^^ It wasn't that heavy we learned how we kick the best and how to do the flipturn and and.. After training we went in the weightroom and I went on the hometrainer for running. I ran a mile with diferent speeds. (like i do normally) when i got off Garry came up to me and told me he would put me in the long distance group when i can run like this..--> =S HELP PLEASE NO..! '^^ So he offered maybe we can make a triathlete out of me.. That would fit me better. '^^ So i went and pulled some weights. In the locker room i got a invitation from Ariel for going on a flight in a plane with her and amanda. And Ariel would fly..UUUUH YES. She told me they would go when the trees are colored. I'm so excited.. As i got into the car to Greg he asked me if i had fitnessroom.
So he was waiting there for 45 min.. UPS forgot to told him.. When we got home the others were eating, so we sat too at the table and ate smth. After dinner I took a shower and tried out my outfit for tmorrow because the dresscode from swimmers is dressup. When i've got my things together I started to do my homework. There is a test in geometry tmorrow so i couldn't go with Sarah to church. So wish me luck for the race tmorrow and the test. ;) Shure I wish you all the best too.!!! greetings and good night a todos.
grüessli.! <3<3<3

Sonntag, 19. September 2010

day 22. sunday!

today was a nice day. I wanted to stand up at 8.00 but there wasn't actually a reason to stand up so early so slept for 1.30 hour more. then i stood up and dressed me up for church. i had dryweed for breakfast. i don't like it that much so i went out for learning some spanish words..'^^
then we went to church by foot. and we sang and we listen to the preacher. after the service we went home. during the service it was raining. so it was quitly cooled down maybe is this the reason that i'm kinda sick now. then i skyped a bit with raheldear! <3
but i had to go quick for lunch there was a tacosalad. it was awesome. you take lettuce and meet and cheese and tomateos and salsa.. and whatever you want and then you have to crunsh tacochips on your salad. its really good. after lunch we went to the mall for buy some stuff for everything. i bought some sportsocks a swimcap a pair of swimglasses. and stuff for school and for my swimbuddies. and a t-shirt.
when we got home i was really tired but i had to do my homework so i finished my historyproject and then i went with star for a walk. when we got back i finished my drawing in art and then tom cames and told me there is dinner and we would watching a movie with chacky chan. chacky chan was in the movie for about 3 minutes..;) it was a chinesemovie and it was funny.'^^
so after that i took a shower and then i went in my supercool bed and now i'm writing you..'^^

ehm about the videos from yesterday ehm i'll do it but i have to look up how it works promis i'll do it..

all the best you guys and all have a nice week.
in love nina

Samstag, 18. September 2010

day21.joggin with brothers..

today was a little bit lazy day. i woke up at 7.50 and at 8.00 we, chris,james and i went running. so I hurried up and ate something. we went for a mile. we speeded realy up and when we got home the boys wanted to go in so i made an other mile on my own. a bit slower..'^^ then the guys were taking a shower and i went with star for a third one but only walk. and as i went upstairs to pick up my pullover i couldn't believe it . star stood in the door. she went up the stairs. UNBELIVEBel. '^^ star and i had a really good started too rain but for us its like a cold cafee'^^   then i had to clean up my room and to vaquum a bit. then i had to hurry up because i had training. we did sprints flipturns and stars. at the end we did 200 yards and i made my new best time.. 3min.9s. uuuu (thats not fast but i'm lucky..'^^) when i got home we ate somthing and then the whole fam. looked a movie with animals in the forest and there is man who wanted to make a new home or something . it was very funny. then i went in my room for do skype a bit with lisa and parents. actually i wanted to do my homework but as it comes the time runs veeery fast . so i had to go for dinner. there was rice and fresh vegetables from the farmers market. after this i showed michelle pictures from switzerland& co. i showed her too a movie trailer from despicable me-->
so i'm sitting now here and i didn't know if i should go to bed.(what i really prefere) or finish my homework..hmm..
ou yes we couldn't go to kokomos because it was bad weather..-.- next weekend.
so see you guys and all the best for tomorrow xxx

p.s.: hey nicole thanks for beeing on of my n°1 fans.. ;D shure mama and lisa and all the others too thanks..'^^

Freitag, 17. September 2010

Day20. FIRST fOOTBALgame!!yeah baby!( we lost but =D)

 so here we are again. today like everyday i woke up at 6.30 quik visit in kitchen and towards school..->

So here we are at dow high and as we walked trough the hall:

Sarah and i spoke about the game tonight. So we went to my locker ... first picture is the u-hall in the morning. tell you while real school it's a lot more crowded.

so and then i went in my first hour class where i put my stuff. because i have always a looot of books  though... 
Then i went with sarah in the cafeteria for meet some friends of her. They are reaallyy nice. 

So it was time for 1rst class we had some gramatical stuff.. hurry up to 2nd hour. Here you can see my favorit classroom from us history. you can too see sarah, justin and felischa..'^^(don't know how to spell soryy..)

Because there was a game tonight  we had to stand outside and watch the marchin:

At the end of the video yu can short hear the song of the chargers.. so after this we to go in the library for history to work on the labs.. everybody had a laptop.. i think that is cool’^^

So after this i hurry up to my locker and got my science and maths books and get in the room->

Add caption
In science we had earthquake and stuff and in maths weh ad the second quiz. Then LUNCH time.. there i met morgan and ariel (the girls from the morning.) for food there was salad spaghetties, arizona, and a bred with a wiener..’^^all togheter $4 ..o.O
Then hurry up in art and i had to go on with my drawing. I’ll picture it when i’m in sport we had a pull-up test. But as every lesson we took  first attendence then we run 3 min. so after you were warmed up we had the test...uuuh
You could choose between pull- ups or chin-up. by the pull-ups you had to pull yourselve up as much times as you can.. by the chin-up you had to stay up with the chin over the ironstick.. i took the chin-up. I held myselve 62 sec. Up there i was trembling on the whole buddy. When i got down i couldn’t strech my arm out i think 10 min later i was still trembling..horor!
So after this there was a meet of the whole school.. it was awesome. Made some videos.look..

After this we had a spezial swim training. Here are pictures from the girls and the pool.. 

i went with james.. chris was playing in the orchester and it was awesommeee!!! First james and i sat by the parents sector. And the teenies were nowhere and as the orchester went down on the field we saw them they were behind the orchester..’^^the adults were looking very strange and the probably thought:“what the heck.are they doing here.“ I learned a lot about football and it was nice.--> video sadly we lost 14 to 7 but it was cool.. then the best came.. james said he wants a pop(drink) and so we went down to the snackbar and he ordered me a sunkiss (->fanta)
And i bought him a popcorn and as we turned to the field to watch them.. they were finished..=P so we were a bit late..but it was very funny with james.. the most time we didn’t understand each other and we just said mhm.’^^
So we waited for greg and as he came james said: shakan. And do you now what that means?? It’s the word that you can sit in front of the car.. so we learned again something’^^
 Then at home i went in my room and watched longest yard and finished eat my popcorn. A lonely girls evening.’^^
Tomorrow i had to get up early the boys wanna go running at 7 o’clock..phu. go with them..’^^ and tommorow we are going too to kokomos..(

Wish you a nice saturday.. love you.


before training i had time to phone my supersister and parents @ suisse..
So we learned how to do fast flipturns and starts. At 5 o’clock greg got me and we went home to go take a shower , have dinner(macaronies, hamburgers..) and then go to the GAME..’^^.. 

PS: the videos are coming but not today.. i'm too tired for waiting SORRY!!! <3