Sonntag, 29. August 2010

DAY 1. by the Johnsons

So here we go.! sorry that i just started with today but i'm a little bit lazy to write the week before. so the only thing i can say that it was AWESOME!! New York i love yu!
Okey today was the first day by the johnson and it started with that i had my bell one our back and of the matter we were went today to church i was scared that i got up too late so i quickly put my clothes on and went down. But nobody was there exept Tom and Rylie which were playing Wii. so i played Wii too. then we ate pancackes. and walked to church. it was very nice. very diferent to the Swiss church. So after that we went to a hudge shopping center to get a new sim- card.. so i have now a new tel.numbr.(a american one.=)
after that james & chris stayed at the shopping center and all the others went to the swimming pool. It was a pleasure because it was such a hot day!! It's a small but a very nice swimmingpool and there are two very nice red slides..'^^)
so now we were at a resturant which make hudge Ice creams!!! but it was so good.!chris and i made a little competition. who is faster finished with the Ice cream but it was so big i couldn't finished it.
we are home now and rylie plays a game with me called 'simon says' really cool..'^^(i'm the ''aunt'' of Rylie she is 4 years old and sooo cute!) now we were going to eat marshmellows and chocolate burning in fire.. hope all of yours doing well.! xxx <3

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