Dienstag, 12. April 2011

day 210. aquarium!!

so today we got up like at 11 then ate breakfast and took a shuttle to go to the close city called gatlinsburg. there is one of the biggest aquarims in america.. its from ripleys maybe you know the famous guinness books from him... it was really cool down there they got everything. from sharks to piranhas to jelly fishs.. we had a lot of fun and learned a lot. i even touched a ROCHEN.. there were penguins which are super cute. you could go in a glass tunnel and then you are like in the aquarium itself and the penguins.. then there was also a biig glassroombelt which was under the shark and just main aquarium. they had a lot different once. like one of the sawing once. or just much others. then we went to the shop and made there a few rounds. then we went out and walked across the street to the mountainmall. or so.. that was a mall for more like cowboys and so on. there we took  a oldtime picture with us as singinggirls and the boys as pokerplayer and of coarse everybody had a revolver and lot more other stuff.  the picture came out great. then it was time for some example trying. we went to the pepper palace. there you could have super hot sauce . but not only there was too milder stuff. it was really good. but the boys had to try the really hot sauce like the hottest in the world. when you eat this you got a picture taken and you got a sticker.. i didn't try . sarah, juan, james tried it. they got suuper red in the face and just hot, red tongue, sarah was crying like a baby. so then it was time to get moving. i saw a store there was everything just cowboy stuff. then we headed home. we took the trolley and then the shuttle bus. after we got home juan and i went running for a lil bit. then we enjoyed hot tube and the swimmingpool and went swimming..it was really confortable. then probably at 11 we got home and then woopwoop bedtime.:)

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