Sonntag, 17. April 2011

day 211. two BEARS

so today when i woke up. i almost fell uncoscience it was one of the most prettiest view i ever saw. these appalachian mountains are just soo pretty and nice.  so as we were ready we headed out to the motorhome and headed into the national park. we were planning to hiking there. so we got a plan and cruised from curve to curve. and stopped at several places. first stop was at a hiking trail. we wanted to go and see a waterfall. soo we walked the trail. (which was out of asphalt) and it got pretty steep with the time.. we had a wonderful walk trough the woods and then we got to the waterfall. it was such a pretty one. we climbed down to the down place. and took pictures. it was really pretty. then we went back to the motorhome and cruised around we saw old churches and gravestones which were super old. then we saw a bear wandering around. it was a young one and we were superclose. it was so cool. then we went one with the motorhome through the appalachian mountains it was a really nice day and at the end of the day we went on a high point where we could see all ove the whole mountains it was really pretty. then there was a man who is walking the whole appalachian trail. he has like a long beard and super equipment. he said he has like 5 months. i wanted to do this too..(still) so we too took a picture with him. then it was time to go home to the log. at the way home we saw a bear again. it was a bigger one this time. it was really exciting. then at home we went to the pool till eleven and then we went sleep. at least me..=P

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