Dienstag, 26. April 2011

day 214. riding horses..

its april fools day... i totally forgot that.. so i woke up and it was such wonderful weather.. i decided whatever or not i will go ride horses today. but then michelle came up to me and told me we would leave today. so i was kind of mad. but started packing.. everybody was packing and then after we were almost finsh, michelle came up to us and said: '' ou by the way, april fools day!!!! '' there she got us really bad. it was fun though.. so after wards we all went riding horses that day it was a lot of fun.. then we were driving around and looking at some craft stores. it was really interesting what people can do with their own hands. then we headed back to the resort. then juan and me went to gatlinsburg, james went to pigeon forge.. we went to a view point of gatlinsburg with a ''sesselbahn''.. and then juan bought a bibigun...(sorry when i wrote it wrong..) we also went to a ghostmuseum. it was pretty scarry..(not. i was actually laughing the whole time..) then we hurried home and then we just hanged out in front of the tv and sleeep..

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