Dienstag, 1. März 2011

day 177. good morning boys.

so this morning i woke up at 10.30.. i went down and there was michelle. of course i said i'm sorry that i woke up so late. then she said but you are not the last who woke up. so i got the permition to wake up the boys downstairs. i took a bowl of snow and rubbed it in their faces saying: good morning girls its 11. wake up. you should seen their faces it was too funny both were like ''WHATS HAPPENING?''
so i ran in my room looking me in. so the both of them came up sitting in front of my room and waiting for me coming out. so i make myself ready for a cold fight. i took my skypants, skijacket, all warm stuff for my head. went downstairs and said i'm ready. where are u? so they came barefooted and threw me in the snow. but they realized later on that they were barefooted and it was freezing outside. i stood up and was like puuh.I'M FINE WHATS YOUR PROBLEMO. luckily michele got all this on tape. then they too came out with gloves and other warm stuff and absolutely washed and stuffed me with snow. i was all around wet and freezzing that wasn't funny anymore. but too funny the start. the rest of the day i did homework and finished my drawing. (sorry can't remember that much anymore.)

but my oppinion about brothers is sinking kinda everyday. they are really mean.=S

but easypeasy.. tuff swissgirl never get thrown down..;)

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