Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

day 206. snowday the second

That morning i woke up at the mean time then greg knocked on my door and told me that there is no i slept for an other two hours. then i decided to get up and don't waist this precious time. because it was super nice weather. i went down and ate something for breakfast. then i went outside and did the shoveling for everybody. because i wasn't up the time yesterday. so i said i'll do it for you guys today. after i finished it which was a lot of stuff... i headed upstairs and did my room. after a while chris came and we listened to some music. it was really funny. after that i had to pack for springbreak...then it was time for eat lunch. i had some thai soup it was soooo spicy.. brrr. after that i decided to go running to the tridge. even there was still snow it wasn't that bad. so i went there and the sun was shining.. i really don't know why we had a snowday but by the tridge it was really nice there were birds everywhere. i ran this time an other route as before.. it was special and sooo much more than an other time.. i think it was too long. so after a while i finally got home. there greg asked me if i would like to go fencing.i said sure i would like too. so i went fencing. first we had to put the tables away for get some place the united steel company had a meeting tomorrow and they said we should put them back again..we fenced a while .. nina of coarse forgot her shoes and one sock but it still worked. after practse we put the table again in order then we went home. at home there was a very deliscious meal. i was super excited to eat some. then i had to do dishes with sarah. it was really funny.. there was this cool radio station so we danced a bit..'^^
after we were finished i took a shower and immediately went to  bed. where i am now and write the blog..'^^
so see you tomorrow. and hi 5...

smile for life

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