Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

day 191-195 sick,sick,sick,halfsane, DETROIT!

so the last days, wednesday to friday i didn't went to school i was sick the whole time. it was a up and down and the most thing i did this time was just sleep and sleep. also i gave my sickness to dear juan and funny is now everybody is kind of sick..'^^
but my main goal was to get better for today because we were in detroit in the cobo. thats a hudge hall and there were the national fencing competition. they did sabre, epée and foil. there were too fencing in weelchairs. it was interestic the whole thing. there were too some merchandises and people who sell stuff for fencing stuff. i bought myself a little usa fencing patchy thing for put on my fencing dress. i would loved to fence there too. it was awesome to watch. greg and tom bought their clothes and a foil and so on. it was really a hudge event. after this we went and meet my sister julie and her husband we went to a restaurant and ate something. i was really surprised when i saw the buildings of detroit. they were in really bad shape and it looked kind of sad. and it was deadly also the sky was gray and in the streets there was smoke coming up out of the streetcyrcle thingis. but julies husband told me in summer its a lot nicer when the trees are full with leaves and so on...i saw also the detroit tigers baseball bowl. its hudge and the h of julie told me he would take me there once. i'm really exciited..=P no i'm back again and here are some pictures of today..:

so now i'm back again and its 

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