Dienstag, 1. März 2011

day 177..178..179..180..181.182.183.. so this is a short resumee of the last days

its tuesday a day like almost every schoolday. greg is away because there was a big snowstorm going last days. he has to go and repair down southmichigan to fix the powerlines. after school i went to softballworkout it was pretty fun. but hard practise. then i wanted to go to swimming but it was the trainers birthday and it was cancled. so i didn't go. but then i went downstairs in the basement and ran for a half hour. through. it was pretty hard. kind of especially when a brother is shouting in your ear. RUN NINA RUUN!!
 then i took a shower and went to bed early cause i was super tired from all this running.
its wednesday. i went to school and had a lot of fun like everyday. of course mr.Frye had a a test about the chapter, in history we watched a movie, in geoscience there was a studyguide. and a lot of other stuff going. then i went home.by bus. with sarah walking home is everytime a lot of fun. so at home i had to go and buy some stuff for the next day. i went to glens and bought some stuff to make cupcakes. then michelle, tom, sarah and me went to fazzolies for dinner. we had some good italian pasta. then we went to church for youthgroup. it was pretty fun we played the hot potato game. i almost won one time the other time i fell out early. it's a cussian which have a sound in it. you have to give it around the cyrcle and when this song stops in your hands your out. then we talked about. serious stuff.
 when we got home i made my cupcakes there were in all like 42 cupcakes. for all my friends tomorrow. in school
when i was finished i tried to do homework but i was superexciteed. then i went to bed. at twelve my lovely family phoned me and sang happy birthday. i couldn't believe I'M 18!! isn't that awesome.?
so it was time to a sleep. but as i turned out the lights. juan knocked on my door he stood there with a victorias secret bag. and sang cumpleanos feliz it was sweet. in it were shampoos and lotion.. which smelled really nice and supersweet. thanks brotherheart again.=)
then i went to sleep. in the morning. i started it normally. nobody was actually up. i went down and ate cereal and then waited for go out. michelles clock didn't worked so she overslept. i had to carry all these cupcakes in school it was kind of much. so i went and put these in my third hour room. before i went to my first hour sarah and i walked in the hallways and sarah told everybody out loud that it is my birthday. really piinlich. so then it was time to go in my class. in english there was a substitute and we just read in our book. then we hurried up in second hour. there we watched a movie. and the great thing was that its about the holocaust. never saw such a horrofic movie as this one.. =S just best birthday gift ever...=( after this class mr. chambers excused himself for that. and wished me happy birthday. then i went in third hour. the announcements said happy birthday to Nina Kurth and someone else. it was pretty cool. then i gave everybody from this class a cupcake. they liked it a lot. in this class we had after eating my muffin a study guide again. and fill out some papers about water and so on. mr stinson gave me a chewiing gum for my birthday. then in fourth hour i had a fun time with my friends who were starring at my rest of cookies. but i couln't give them one because there were other friends. it was horrible. then i went to lunch. there i gave everybody one of the cupcakes. then everybody sang happy birthday at the table and we had a fun time. jessi gave me a ballon which popped earlier. and she gave me a girraffe and  note wich was really on a beautiful notecard. i had a really nice meal this day. it was a pizza. =P
so in fourth hour they became the rest of the cookies because i really like this class. so in fifth hour i went normally in class. and we played basketball. it was a fun. after this class i went home by bus. befor that i got a present from alex it was a nina shield which he welded himself. i like it a lot.=)
so sarah and i walked home and there i skyped with my family and we had a lil birthdayparty just talking to ourselves. then i went down and there was a big cake. i blowed the candles out and open my presents. i got a giftcard from my sister for buy a earphones. really cool once + a supernice letter from her.. love you liiisa. then i got a miraculous gift from my awesoome family. a srapbook which got everything in it.also letters from awesome people. like karen thanks again for this card. and from michelle i got a giftcard for going into a casino with her. then juan and james smeared the chocolate frosting in my face i looked really tan. then i went up  take a shower and then make myself ready for go to genshis. go and look at the pictures. there you could see how they make your food, it was sooo good food. my superfriends jessi and arielle came too. i invited the whole family and it was deliscious. when we got home. i opened the present from arrielle it was pretty awesoome. thanks soooo much!!
then james and me played dice. sadly with prices. so i lost a loot of stuff. it was pretty sad. but next morning i got it back. still it was bad. friday was a essembly day. so the classes were shorter and we got a presentation at the end of sixth  hour. it was about the wintersports. pretty fun all this stuff. so after this i went with james and jacob to the movies. hall pass was the movie and its kind of in appropriate.. sometimes. but funny.and true.=)
then we went to jacob and ate something after this. we headed to a friend of them and played a bordgame. called life. it was pretty funny.then we went home. next day i woke up at like 9.30 pretty lazy day. i had to clean up my room and then james came and asked me if i would like to come with him and jacobs family to go bowling. so i went too. as we were there they said its closing in a half hour. so we went minigolfing. it was pretty fun. lost pretty bad but still fun. then we went to subway and i ate a sandwich. then jacob drove us home and we made ourself ready to go to the renfair. its like a show were you can show your talent. the mother of someone drove us there and my history teacher helper was there too. then at the midland center of the arts i bought a ticket. and we went in the hudge hall. it was really big and nice. i liked it a loot .didn't knew that we have this in midland. there were some pretty good acts. singing and playing instruments and acting or dancing. after the show we drove home. it was snowing kinda hard but it was nice. and winterly. so then james went to his friend and slept there. and juan wanted to show me a video about the escobars. after that movie which took kind of long i went to the miraculous thing called bed. in the morning they woke me up and said i have to make myself ready to go. i forgot to tell you that me and sarah are going to stay in kalamazoo the next three days. by the triplets. michelle and greg + tom are going to tennesee. the other boys stay at home. so we went down and aproximately at 5 we came here to kalamazoo.. the babys are soooooooo sweet. the rest of the evening we watched the oscars then went to bed. monday it was pretty lazy day.  i woke up at ten. helped with the babys. i forgot to tell you that the grandparents clark are here. on michelles side. so we babysitt lilly and looked to the triplets. its really awesome job. i did too a bit history homework and then i also read while i was bicycling. i went to bed early. as i said . pretty lazy stuff.=)

pictured are following from the tripplets. loove nina

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