Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

day 190. not-felt-good-day

so this morning i woke up and i felt really strange. everything hurted just like sore everywhere. but i went to school. i wore a sweatpants and sweater. just comftable stuff. in school i was a wreck. i was just stumbling around. in english we had a test to do. about chapter 18 and 19. it wasn't that hard. we could use our books. then we wrote a jurnal about a poem. it was like when we go through a trial we always learn something. and we had to compare it with the books, the actors in it. and how they went through this trials.after that we read some of the next chapter. then it was time to hurry up in next hour. it was history tiiiime. there we had a webquest about the life in the 1950's. we had to go to this website and fill out a paper:  . after that juan came to my locker and begged me for a gum. which i gave him. i said when i wont he would put me in my locker and only take me out after his lunch. how horrible. so in geoscience we learned about the ocean. we had to take notes. in the middle of the class there was a carriage with tons of cockies and other sweet stuff. it was a fundraise for a family which someone got cancer and they can't pay the treatment. everything was one dollar. i bought something. and it was deliscious. the rest of the hour we did actually nothing as we were finished from the notestaking. after that class i hurried up to go to my locker and take the stuff for geometry. i felt sooo sick the whole time. really unconftable. but i made it.. halfways. so in geometry i had a test about volumes and surface areas of different prisms and spheres, pyramids, cones and so on. it wasn't hard. the teacher put all the formulas at the whiteboard so we just had to put it in. i had the whole hour on the test. there were just some minutes left. i talked with emily, the one from softball, about the battingtraining yesterday and how my arm is hurting.=) so then i went to my lunch. we had a fun time. for eat i had the menue as always. it was rice, pop chicken, and some broccolie and a sweetsour sauce, salad. and a good orange. then i was really in good mood. after lunch i went with jessi we talked a bit about everything. but not for ever because the bell rang and so i went to class. I went on with my new painting. we are drawing this time with acrillic and a palletknive. i love it. its a lot of fun. but i was still in slowmotion. i didn't do much. so after this it was time for go and do some sport. even if i felt really sick i gave my best. we played soccer again. it was a lot of fun. i love it. our team was really good. but we also lost sometime.  in the locker room again i asked katlyn if she knows a hairdresser. she said yes i always go to this woman and so on.. then she said we could go there once when i would like too.  so i said yes. i will see how this is working out but i'm excited. after that i went home with james and jacob. when we got home i went in my bed as fast as possible. i slept for like five hours.. at seven i went down and ate dinner. after that i did some homework then took a shower and went to bed again. but i couldn't sleep i had to cough a lot and everything hurted again. supermuch. so i went down and made some tea and a hot water bottle to keep me warm. after that i could sleep good. i also took a alcacyl.
so see you . loove you all !! <3

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