Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

day 197. tuesday dear tuesday.

so on this day it was tuesday. i had school again. my goal was to get up early go eat and then make myself ready for the school. it went perfectly. it was super and i had to do it more. so i went to school and there i had a super day. i had a lot to repeat but i was ready steady to go. i went to the tryouts again, softball. it was fun but not as much as before. the girls, my friends were in the other group so i didn't knew so much people. but the programm was the same. this time i also brought some gloves for batting because i was getting a blister. the throwing was really funny. we had to shout everytime and just as loud as you can. and it was just fun. then i got a ride from my friend and at home i ate and did homework  till late and then went to my lovely bed...night

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