Freitag, 25. März 2011

day 207. last day of school

so today was no snowday. it was a really fast schoolday i can tell. so i got up like always. slightly late but i could catch the bus. sarah and i had to run a bit but its alright. we got it..=P
so in school afterward. we had a shortener schedual. it was a essembly day. so the hours were shorter than other days. it was also a very easy day first hour we watched the movie adaption of october sky.. then second hour we had to write a test about the cold war. third hour was just doing nothing... it was pretty fun. i was talking to my super friends janice, jamie, and so on and on. i love this class.. then in geometry we had to correct our tests. i made 24 out of 25.. i had to correct this one fault then it was a do nothing class again. i was listening to some music with andrew. then i went to lunch. i had a nice meal and real fun with my lunch buddies.then hurried up for go to the art.. a loot of people were missing. they were all going on vacation. so i started to finish up my painting. but i was soo tired and lazy i couldn't do much. then i went to sixthhour and we just played random stuff. my two brothers didn't had better stuff to do as eat there lunches... it was a funny sight. so after this class there was the essembly. it was not like the others it was a students+staff basketball game. it was really fun the referee always gave points to the students and it was just anyways fun. then i went home by bus and sarah and i walked home ... we talked about how excited we are for springbreak. then at home i had to take a nap. and because vicky was coming to talk i didn't went to softballpractise... it was a really nice day actually... after i woke up i ate something little. then vicky came and we talked a bit bout this and that. then i went out to the car and there were laura, aisha and so on.. they just came back from florida..=(
it was really nice to see them though.. i loved it. then i went back in and went to bed early. so i'm not sure if i can write you or you have to wait the whole week .. but anyways. i will write. so love you guys and all the best...!!! have a nice springbreaK!!

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