Montag, 7. März 2011

day so this is going to be horrible.. sorry guys!

its start with the day of tuesday.. i was still in kalamazoo. we woke up at twelve.. very late i know. so i took a shower then.  ate lunch or better breakfast.. and after that sarah and me went walking around there for a bit. we had a fun time. when we got home i helped with the triplets and after that we watched a movie. since we woke up so late the day was pretty short and kind of lazy. we went to bed early. next day wednesday we woke up earlier. sarah did her homework and i went reading a bit on the bisycle. then we finished  the second lord of the rings movie and looked to the triplets. it was the birthday of the grandfather this day. then greg and michelle came and picked us up for go home. here are some pictures of the triplets..:

so when we got home it was all the same again. except a lot of work to make up. so i went at saturday to school. there were a lot less people there. thats because all the juniors have to take a test. so i went to my classes and for my luck they didn't do anything much. and we watched a movie the most time. it was fun. and i kind of liked it to go back to school. so then i went to softballpractise. after this i had to make up work from math. i had not much to do after that so i went to bed early.
friday was a fast day. it was the last day of the markingperiod. a lot of fun. doing nothing. i had to go home straight. so i  can pack for the awaken thing.. then at 3.30. we left from the church to this event. it was a lot of singing and worshipping. there were only girls. almost 2000 were there. there were too  two bands who sang. the first one was the blank pages. and the others were superchick. funny was that at one concert when i stood right next too the other exhange from my school. so we went to an known peoples house to sleep over. there we packed our sleepbacks out and went sleeping. i fell asleep superfast. so next morning i went up lie at 5.45.. then packed all my stuff together. we ate something to breakfast and
then headed to the superbig church. there we had the whole day fun. we went home during the ride we went to sonic. there we ate. its a restaurant where the clerks come to you by rollerblades in summer. in winter you have to go and get it. the problem is you have to wait outside.
when we got home it was snowing. then at home i cleaned up my room and then had a good sleep. next day it was like this. first church. then center of the arts museums and at the end i rode the bike with james to the mall and we went to the movies. watched take me home tonight. really funny the center of the arts there was a exhibition about dinasours. it was really interesting. also about motorcycles in the back days. juan was at a soccerturnement they won one game one they lost and one was tight. at home again i cleaned up the bathroom and then went to bed. today was a fun day. i was really energetic had a lot of fun. after school i stayed 7th hour and went into the workout room. and after that i went the first time bating it was really interesting and cool. we played it with a machine which spits out the balls really fast. so after that my arms hurt really much cause its such a tremendous fast shot. so after softball practise it was really lazy town right there. i went home with juan and jacob. jacob gave us a ride at home there was dinner. it was really good. porkchobs and smashed patatoes and salad. for desert there were fruits. i liked it a lot. after dinner tom, greg and me went to fencing. i was sooooo tired of the softball that my arms really really hurt and it was hard to keep the epée up. after fencing i went home. since then i was doing homework, took a shower and then went down where i'm now and just write the blog...
so pictures are coming later. hope you are not too much disappointed.. promis i will be more serious..=P
as i promised a lot times before.  at least i try!!

Lots of love nina

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