Samstag, 26. März 2011

day 208. first day of springbreak!

today was a really lazy driving day. i woke up at like 9 o´clock and made myself ready for the big travel. so we packed everything in the motorhome and had to wait for the boys.. they were first still sleeping and second didn't packed their stuff. so we left the house aproximatly at 10.30.. it was still cold a bit. we had free roads.. the trees were glittering really nice. that was coming from the ice which was still on the trees. it was like in a fairytale. so we were driving down michigan. the first stop was at a gasstation were we stopped many times before. we also ate our lunch there. some good pizza. as we were waiting for our pizzas we went to a petstore.. there were many little animal and other cool pets. fish,parrots,rabits, little pigs,and so on...  the second wewent to tekonsha thats the city were the johnsons lived before and there also one of the sons, jonathan, lives. he lives there with her wive and too kids. they too have a dog. he is a labrador really fun guy. then we headed on the road again. the landscape of michigan is really flat. all just cutted cornfields and somewhere a little farm and so on. we drove on a landroad there were also some barns and just little villages. then we entered indiana. it wasn't that big of a difference except there was no snow. we went through fort wayne.. then one time we entered a city called berne. i was super excited because its kinda my ´´kanton´´ and capitol city. everywhere were flags of the berner bear. and a swisscross. there were traditional houses and even the  zitglogge turm was there. i took `pictures so don't worry.. the mascot of the berne city are the lions... just saying. minutes later there was a city called geneva. the both of them were actually kind of amish people citys. i don't know if you know what these are but a short explanation... they don't ''believe'' in electricity so they life with horse carriages and they do all this their own. like do the laundry by hand and the dishes and their food. so you could see them driving around in the carriages.. and in like 1880 clothes. and so on.. maybe not that old but old. so we drove on towards cincinnati in ohio. it got a little more hilly we went up and down.. as we came to cincinnati i was amazed. that was a hudge city there were hudge builings and bridges and the cool thing was and too outstanding the stadium. i liked it a lot. anyways the big citys impressing me always its just so like surreal.. for a bearnermeitschi like me.. then we headed to florence in kentucky were we are right now. i forgot to tell that the boys were sleeping the whole time and i read some stuff or i looked out of the window. so we came here and i had to go and walk star as i was out there it was really freezing, there was a camper coming and asked me from where i was and i said from switzerland, exchange student from michigan.. he was like i just came from florida and headed back too indiana.. he wondered if i came too from somewhere warm cause i was with loose clothes.. he said he is freezing his butt  off... :) so  we went into our hotel room... we traveled for like 5 and a half hour. tomorrow we got to ride an other 4 hours.. we are at the tipp of kentucky. so i hope you had a nice day .. all the best
love you all..

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