Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

day 198. first baseball in the face.

so that day it started the same i went up really early and then went down eat went up and dressed myself and did everythings ready for the day. then it was time to catch the bus. as i was in the school i had still to do homework it was pretty hard. then normal class day. i was a bit more tired than before, so yesterday. then i had softball again it was a pretty good practise TILL i got hit in the face by a softball. straight in the left eye. it hurt pretty much. i stopped do the practise. then i got a ride home. then we had youthgroup but first i ate something. in youthgroup i was really tired from practise..then i had to go to bed early but then james came and asked me for a favor. he wants to ask me to help him for asking a girl out for prom by a powerpoint presentation.
but then i went fast to bed.

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