Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

day 196. Softballtry outs

today was a really get sporty again day. it started late though. i went up at 11.30 get dressed for go running. i went because it was such nice weather and warm and the sun shined. i went my main round. but at one corner i slipped and felt it kinda hurt. but taff girls don't cry and so i ran the rest. the birds where singing and everything was nice.then i went home and took a shower. it was very refreshing. and nice. then i went to my room and cleaned it up and i was kind of waiting till the clock turned 3 pm because that was the time of the start of the tryouts. so i had a super exciting day. i went to the school and there i met my friends. i changed and took my baseballglove. ou this day was a day off. just saying. we had to run three laps and then we stretched a bit. there were a lot of girls. then we put ourselves in two groups. on was going with the gloves and the other was doing the batting. i was first in the batting group. the job there was to work in pairs always at one station. so you batted and then you switched and helped putting the balls on the T or just throw it to her. two times you could work with the machine. one time you were batting like for real the other time you were just bumping. thats when you just touch the bat very slow. then we changed to throwing and it was really fun. after that we had to do some sprints and then some wallsits. for like 2 and a half minutes. i almost past out. =P
it was kinda hard. then at six michelle came to pick me up and i went home eat something. this day i went to bed early. so see ya tmorrow.

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