Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

day 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205.

it's repeting stuff. again. but everyday was a special day. so thursday it was really normal. i took home my painting and walked home. i didn't felt that good my eye still hurt.. so i didn't go to the training. it took me half a hour to get home. it was too long for me. but the weather was really nice.and the birds sang. i saw a lot different onces. like one of them was completely red. after this i went running. it was nice to go running in this springydays. then some homework and lovely bed. 

fridays like that are always nice. yu just can't wait till it get 2.30.. i had softball practise and it was really hard. we did some batting practise and then we went outside on the field. it was still wet and muddy. but that didn't took us away from going throwing. a girl got hit in the forehead superhard. it swolled up very fast. i felt sorry for her.=( but she was a tuff one and didn't showed her pain. so our trainer put us in two teams and we practised outfield and infield. i got into the outfield. then after practise i went home and there michelle said we actually would have left this day for kalamazoo in a hotel. but they didn't knew where i was we couldn't go. thats why we left the next day really early. 

on saturday we left at 7.30 to kalamazoo. we as sarah, tom, james, greg, michelle and me. first we went to the house of the triplets. to get riley and lily. the babies grew up really much. they got real babys. like once with fluffy cheeks and and.. very cute. then we left for the air zoo. there were super much airlplanes and other stuff in it. it was really cool a lot of them were old airplanes. there was too some simulators and a ballooncarussel. and a 4D movie theater.. it was real fun. i liked it a lot. there was one thing two could go and sit in there and drive urself a airplane and shoot other enemys airpl. it turned in everydirection up and down .. you could even stand on your head. i went in there three times and it was all the time a looot of fun. on the way home i was very sleepy but before we left the southern michigan part we went to grandma and grandpa johnson. they lived out on the land and it was really a nice place. they have a dog. and sooo much land they had once cows and other pets. in there rooms are sooo much pictures of the family it was filled. then they also had plants growing. in the front yard they had like a birdfeederhouse. and there were so many different birds. one of them was like super red. i liked it a loot. its called a cardinal. so the mr. johnson told me in summer there will be hummingbirds. michelle told me there aren't that much bird in midland because its a town. then we went homewards. on the way there there was such a nice twilight. there was even a HARVEST MOON. never saw one before. really cool stuff. then we got home and that was it for today.

sunday i woke up too late but that didn't matter that much. we all were really exhausted from the day before. so i went back to sleep and enjoyed a boring day with lots of drawing and just stay home. 

monday dear monday. it was spirit week because of the week before spring break. i didn't know it. i realized it when a lot of people had like pyjamas on and so on. it was fake insury day. pretty cool stuff... i thought practise is at 5.30 but nina didn't controlled it and came exactly when practise ended. so i have to check after every 6th hour at my trainers door. i went home with a friend and then tried to learn for the english test of tomorrow. bedtime was closely there so--> dreamworld.

tuesday it was a niceschoolday. lots of fun. it was tom sawyer day. so i went with my ripped jeans and a lumberjack sweatshirt. it was funny to see some people with heyhats.and so on. then i had practise it was inside because outside it was really coold. after practise it was time to make a parents meeting. it was snowing pretty bad outside again. after the meeting i went home with a friend. at home i started to do my homework but i didn't believed that there is no school so i went to bed early.

and as i thought there is no school. but i got up early and washed my face with cold water so i'm awake and only after that greg came and told me there is no school .so i went to bed again and slept for like a lot. it was twelve when i was awake. i ate lunch and then helped michelle with a blanket. it was fun. then i went and cleaned up my room that wasn't that fun. i also read for a while. then jacob, james, juan and me went to the mall. it was fun. as we again got home there was food. something columbian. and from there on i was writing this blog. superlong one..=P
sarah was here too for a while. and the rest of the day i'm praying there will be more snow and snowday tmorow again..=P

so love you guys and i will see whats wrong with the picture thing.. love you a loooooot ..see ya soon..
<3 xoxox<3

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