Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

day 158.nice day!

so this day was really kuul. i woke up a bit too late. so i had to hurry up for everything. as i was ready to go to school i was ready. i went to school and had my lessons. first i went to the library to bake my blog and so on. then i hurried up to class. in english we read a horrible story about a spaceship tragidy! so there was this space ship and it had to go and bring some medicin to the planet woden. they got a horrible infection and so as he is driving there. there is a stowaway. and that s a lil girl who wants to visit her brother. but she don't know that when someone illegal on a ship like this they  have to be put out in space and i think you know what happen when you get kicked in space. you get inplode. the opposite of explode..=(
gruuusig.!! and so she has to say goodbye and so on.. very horrible story.
then in history i have to write a essay bout the battle of atlantic. after this i have geoscience and there we practised for the test which is coming up. geometry i had a test bout  some angles and so. as i was finished emily asked me if would like to join the softball team(thats like baseball.) so i said yes i would love too but first i have to ask..(how awesome would that be!!!)
then it was lunchtime like always it was a loot of fun. spoke w/ jessi bout her lil kittens. they seem to be super cute. in art we started with the other painting. then it was teamsport time.
we played like in the other days basketball always in the same teams. my team kinda looose all games. i'm not wondered... one of our player is standing the whole time in a corner. the other is playin ego. and there is just me and the other guy who kinda play normal..'^^
so then after sports i asked at home if i could join the softball team. there would be a conditionning going on after school. luckily they said yes. then i went to art room to continuing my painting. after this our the speakers said there is no training tday. so i asked greg to pick me up. at home i waited some time. made myself ready to go swimming. swimming was pretty hard. then i was sooo tired. at home ate something then i had to do the dishes. after this i took a shower and went to bed. early.

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