Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

day 159. SNOOOOW DAAY!!!!

so how awesome is this snowday tday. i slept till ten and took a shower. i was ready for the day at eleven. when i got down i took breakfast and then went out to start shuffeling. there was a blizzard going on during night and there was sooo much snow..brrr
i helped sarah in the backyard. we had the great idea to make a hudge iglu. we had to make a lot of breaks cause it was kinda coold lying on the belly and dig in there the whole time. but we got finished at 5.00 it's pretty cool stuff. we ate spaghetties in between and swisschocolate. it was nice. but like everytime i'm outside i got snowwashed by the guys..-.-
after the snowparty i phoned with the best mom ever and then i went down watch a movie. tropic thunder.. really funny movie. i can tell... now i'm up here writing... good night and watch the cuul pictures!

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