Montag, 21. Februar 2011

day 176. girlsnight.!

so how are you. evrybody?? fine fine. so i woke up at nine.. and dressed up for church, we went to first service.. first i ate somthing for breakfast. i made myself a yoghurt with applestripes and cornflakes. while i eating juan put his hand on his cheeks which were full of milk. he squeezed them together and who was full of milk? yes nina..'^^ after this we went to church. sofia and others where there. it was nice. then when we went home i went in my room and did some homework it was a pretty lazy time. there was too the birthday of my grandmother  at 6pm there was a girlsevening going on in the church. we ate pizza, chickenwings, chips and so on it was really good. then we made some badingsalt. so cool. after that we watched one of the beautifullest movies ever: "everafter"
love it. then i came home and tried to do some homework but i was too tired.. so i went to bed early. i wish you all a nice day.!! good night everybody! and here are some picture:

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