Montag, 7. Februar 2011

day 162 nd and suprbowl.

so it started at saturday morning. i woke up and got something to eat. a little bit later my nice  brother james comes and ask me if i could iron his white shirt, and as i'm the really nice sister nina i did it. but only with something getting back..he said i had something open by him so yes. then i had to hurry up si make myself ready for the wedding. i took my confirmationdress and took all my stuff then i went in the motorhome. we drived off at like eleven.during the ride we went to mcdonalds  then as we got there we had to wait some minutes then the nice couple came in and the wedding started. they had 4 maids mans..of honor. rylie the daughter brought in the rings and it was really cute. the whole wedding was in a tropical house. very very nice place to get married. then they had to fill up a glass with sand both had one glass and they had to fill it in a other glass. then the rings and it was over. now we had to go to the reception but it started like 5 hours later. so we had enough time to go and look at the papilorama. it was really nice made. there were a looot of flowers and tropical things. there was one hall with desert plants and kaktuses and one with tropical flowers. and birds. really cute once. i don't know the names but you will see them on the pictures. then we went to a mall. of course it was kinda embarrasing to walk around like a dressed up barbie between these people. then we went to the reception. but as nina is like nina is. she can't walk normally out of the motorhome. she has to slip out and cratch her whole leg open. it was horrible i rapped open my leggins. it was not a nice look. but that didn't keep me off from going. so i went there. and we had taple 4. it was a very nice reception. first the toasts and then a lot of food. there was mahed patotoes, meatballs, gravy, chicken, and salad. then there was music and a lot of funny activities. like the bride had to throw the flowerbouquet into the croad of the girls and so on. then there was too a lot of dancing. and then one time there was the bride and the groom had to dance with anyone who want to dance with them . but this person have to pay $1.. called the dollardance..=P
so then it was time for us to go and we took too rylie with us. it was like twelve when we got there. sarah and me slept in one of the beds. then the boys had a bedroom and the parents with rylie. sarah and me went down to go and ask if the wirlpool is still open. the man there said actually it closed at 10 but he would open it for us. so we went swimming for like a half a hour. then we went to bed. we watched a bit TV. we began to watch husk. a really groce horrormovie. i almost peed my pants..=P
then we slept quiet long.. then in the moring we had to get up or we wont eat breakfast.. so we went down and ate as much as possible. it was really good. we were in the same hotel as before. so after breakfast we went swimming again. it was a looot of fun. greg went and took lilly to come swimming too. she is soooo cute!! sarah and me went out in the snow lying there and freeze. but then jump inside the pool and enjoy the superwarmth in there. then we had to go and get ready to head home. first we put lilly home. to the tripplets.. they are super cute. we could hold them and düdüdüüü..parker is now too at home. he looks he got a lot of hair and is cute.. so then we went to grand rabits. to put rylie home. on the ride there i was sooo sleepy and rylie too. so we snuggled together and fell asleep. then we made a foodstop at a buffetrestaurant. it was a awesooome place. soo good food. i liked it a loot. you can have everythiiing and refill it as much as you want. it was superdruper. so i had a lot of stuff. i was pretty stuffed at the end. then when i had ananas leftovers james put some salt on it and pepper. rylie was sooo shocked that she didn't let him go befor he ate this pinapple pieces. it was hilarious. then it was time to go. we put rylie home and then we drive ourselv to our home it was a loong journey. i slept almost the whole time. then we went to mcdonalds to drink smth... then we went home. at home there was the superbowl going on. the packers against the steelers footballgame. it  was really a cool event. mostly you go to a party and watch it with others. but i had homework and so i stayed at home. there were really funny commercials in the breaks. it was so fun. like;


and a looot more. fun stuff. at the end the packers won. then i went to bed early i was supertired. so here are the pictures::

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