Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

day 175. dow gardens-downtown..

so this day was really a nice one. it started lazy at 9.00 i got up and ate a yoghurt. after this delicious thing i made myself ready steady to go running. as i was out to go. james wanted to come too. he made himself ready in a few sec. he came up in a t-shirt. i was like really. and he was: the sun shines. it's okei..
as we were running for 5 min. he came like this: I'M FREEEEZING.. can we go back and get some layers..'^^
so we ran back home and got him a coat. then we run all the way around the blocks. we were like 45 min on our way. it was fun. james froze up his fingers and almost died. because james had to run soo fast that he got warm hands and i was like dying. then at the end we were like sprinting. i was sooo hard breathing but i beat james..hah.!=p
then i took a shower. after that i cleaned up the room. when everything was cleaned up i packed all my stuff together to go on a lil' bike trip. i took my homework, an apple,an orange and then went out. took my bike and headed towards dow garden. there i bought a snikers a fruit juice and a entry to go and walk around there. so as i was there it was soo wonderful. i walked around the nice garden park and sat down somewhere where the sun was shining right there and made my homework read something and it was just nice. then it got kinda cold and i walked around again but it didn't got warmer so i went out of the park and headed towards downtown. as i was there i parked my bike and walked there a bit. it was really nice there weren't that much people there. then i went into a cafe and ordered a hot chocolate. i was there for like a half hour. i did again a bit homework and other stuff. then it was time to go home again. as i walked over the street i saw a friend and we talked for a bit. then i ride my bike towards home. on the way i bought a pizza for james he told he would pay back.. so i did this and rode home. there it was like superwarm. i was happy bout that. then i had like supermuch coldchills brrr. think i'm going to be sick.. after i phoned with my mother me and sarah watched a movie. --> wanted. cool stuff. then i got up in my room and now i'm here..
so here are some pictures from today. have fun.:

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