Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

day 164. fencing stuff is here!!!

so yesterday was a nice loong day. i got up a little bit late but i had the luck on my/our side that we didn't missed the bus. then in school i went and write on my blog. i had a lot to do. then in first hour we watched a movie about van der braun. a famous rocket/mistle builder in the time of ww2.
then second hour we had a test to write. it was not that hard. then in geoscience we started a new theme. its about glaciers. during third hour there were people coming in and asking if we have a dollar for kids in hunger. and when we didn't bring in enough there would be justin bieber played all day tomorrow. so i didn't had one dollar just 20. so i have to brake it first. fourth hour it was pretty boring. it was about areas of parralelogram..then it was lunch time...after this i went to art. i'm still working on the drawing. then i went to sports. we played basketball again. but this time in different groups. we made up a whole girl group. it was really cool stuff. then i went to vartsity weightlifting. after that i went home to grab my swimstuff but as i came home i had my whole fencing bag in the hallway and i was like woohoooo.. it finally arrived... so i went fencing that night it was really nice to fence in my clothes again. after fencing we went home and had  dinner then went to bed...

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