Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

day 169. mormon dance.

so today i woke up pretty late like at 10.00 and i was still tired but it was easy. then i put some clothes on nd went down and ate breakfast. there were some waffles and yoghurt. then i made my bred ready for go and bake. it left it outside for half a hour then there was plenty stuff to do in my room so i cleaned this up. after that i went to the super bred and put it in the oven. after this i went running while it was in the the oven. it was really ''warm'' and nice weather. when i got home i took the bred out and made the second one ready. it was really good when i took it out. so then i took a shower and ate something for dinner. i made myself a vegtebelomellette. it was really good. then i went up and start to do my homework. then it was time to make myself ready for the dance. first i went to janice and i'm going to go to the dance. by janice i straightened my hair. it was fun time.. then at the dance we had a loooot of fun. first we ate something like greanbeans, salad, and chickenbrests. then we went dancing. it was pretty awesoome.! we had again the linedances and then the ''slowdancingsongdances''. i met a lot of people i saw before and it was a looooooot of coolnes.=P the theme was dressed up. james and juan came too
so after that jacob,friend of james, took us home. but first we went to get some gas. it was snowing outside and really pretty. so i wish you all now a superdruuper night or morning and see you tmorrow... or sometime!<3

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