Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

day over again.

yesterday was really a exhausting day. but as you can see i'm still alive. i woke up right in time and hurried up till the bus station. it was really warm outside and i already heard the first birds singing. it was really nice. then the busride was really bumby but fast like always. at school i went to the library to study for the geoscience exam. then i went to my classes it was like always fun. But with the time i got tired and tired.  and i was really sleepy. i don't know from where exactly but i think from the late late homeworkhours i give to juan. (his fault)
in geoscience i had a test bout glaciers. i did 50 out of 54. then in fourth we had a test too. it was really hard. the first time i think. then lunch. lunch is like always really fun. then fifth drawin,painting and so on. i get everyday a little further and by this i think i'm going to destroy it more and more. then it was time for sports we played again volley ball. it was a lots of fun. after that i went walking around the school and go continuing drawing my painting. then it was time for softball. we had a great workout it was really hard. we also put the machine for batting up and ready for go bat. then i hurried up home and go and took my swim stuff and went swimming. swimming was really hard but i got it and i was really tired and went to bed early. next day there was very much ice on the streets. it was really slippery. juan,sarah and chris slipped it was really funny. so we went to the busstop and there were other students waiting and we were waiting and waiting. after twenty minutes. someone came to us and told us that we got a two hours delay. so we were waiting for nothing. we walked home and then i went to bed for an other hour. we started class in third hour and it ws just great. we started watching the day after tomorrow. then the day was closely the same. after lunch i still did my painting. then in sports we played volleyball again. then i wandered a bit around and phoned with home.suiza. then i also did some painting. after that i went home with a friend. at home greg sarah and tom made themselves ready to go down to the triplets. they will stay there till friday. so we, juan,chris,james and me are alone at home the two days.juan and me went running for twenty minutes. was super fast.=( but oukei. ;)  the first evening went good. i cooked and it was really delicious. there was wildrice, vegtebeals and some meet. so guud!!! then i helped with some homework and sure it was time for bed again. because tomorrow school. the next day tuesday was great. i was so tired i almost fell asleep in fourth hour. but i made the best out of it and enjoyed it to get smart.=P
while the day moved on i got awaker and awaker..then sixth hour we had a free lesson so we could do whatever we want. then i went to varsity weightlifting. there i did some workouts (BOOM!!) and also a magnesium fight with a friend.. unfortunately i lost in high quatum. so after lifelong i went to softball workouts. it was really really exhausting.. we did sprints and running and cycling and and and. then after official training i went throw and catching with emily and friends. then one of her friends took me home veery nice from her.. thanks. at home i realized that i forgot my cellphone and that nobody is who can drive. so i waited for james and jacob coming home. as they were here they asked me were i was. and i said here. so they were looking for me there.. lol. then i went with them to the school again and took my phone. as we went back we questioned ourself if we wanna go out for eat. so we did. we went home to take juan but he had soccer training. then we went without him. we ate at applebees. it was really good but a little bit too much i think. i was sooooo full this evening. james invited us.. thanks there. as i was eating there were too mans sitting in the back who spoke really familiar. germans. so after i ate i went to them and told them : ich wünsche ihnen noch einen schönen abend. then we had a little talk. i was very surprised how bad my german got. horrible. then we went home. there james asked me if we wanna go to the movies with some of his friends. so i didn't said no. we went to see the sanctum.              
( )
it was pretty a cool movie very scarry sometimes. then we went home and i talked a bit with the others and went to bed. i slept out till 12 o'clock and really good. i ate a yoghurt and a orange. then took a shower. after that cleaned up my room because i heard michelle is coming today. then at 2 jessi came and picked me up. we went to the natur park from midland. it was pretty cool there was too a museum from all the living things from michigan and so on. we also walked outside i saw a round tippi and a old barrel , a house and a school. it was really mushi and muddy outside.. but warm. a strong wind was mooving. the sun shined and there wasn't any cloud on the sky it was beautiful. we talked a loot and it was a loot of fun. then we went back to jessis house and picked up the kittens to go to petsmart. the dog from jessi is soo cute, bexter. he comes and is really energetic. then there is too this hudge cat. as we got bubble also in the box we headed to the petsmart. there we prepared the big box to put them in. (jessi is just fostering them, befor they get saled.) then we wandered a bit around and watched the other animals there were everything. after a while we went to the mall right next to petsmart and drink something in starbucks. then we went windowshopping and just had a lot of fun watching at this stuff there. it was FUN.'^^
then we had to pick up the kittens and we headed home. it was freezing outside.. brrr. then she put me home. there was such a nice moon shining i was amazed.=P
there are some pictures from today. lot of loooove nina.!!
all the best.

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