Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

day 160. SNOWDAYY AGAIN and michelle is back

so this day was kinda a nice one.!
i woke up at eleven because we all had snowday again. then i took a shower and as i was ready for the day it was twelve. i went down and wanted to eat cereals but there weren't any left so i ate a banana. then i had to make my drawing homework i started doing it but then michelle came home. and i had to welcome her and we had a small talk how things are going. the baby are good. the girls are eating normal but the boy, parker is still in the hospital he has issues with breathing. then afterwards i went up doing my painting. an hour later michelle came to me and told me we are going to a wedding on saturday. isn't that so cool!! so i tried one of my dresses. also sarah tried some on. it was fun. then we ate our dinner. it was kinda hot but good for this temparatur. then juan and i had to do the dishes. after that we watched a movie called salt. then i went continuing my painting. after that i took a shower and now i'm sitting here listening to some music and probably going to BED!!
so wish you all the best tmorrow. and night! or good morning .better.^^

here is my drawing not finished..=P

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  1. Well, I have the strong impression, that this picture stems from the Lake of Thun area. Am I right?

    Best Regards