Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

day 165. 166. 167.168. sorry bout that

so these days were pretty exhausting. i had conditioning. for softball and saw a looot of otherstuff that happend. it was everyday fun and new stuff to learn and see.i also have to prepare for sunday when i'm going to the international dinner. it's going to be fun. i made some bred and i also do fondue. it's going to be fun. then the last days were really nice weather and had a cool(litterally) cold touch.. brrr
then i went the first time in my life to a basketball game and also a hockeygame. it was pretty fun supporting our school. love it everytime...'^^
i met again a lot of people and the language goes everyday better. i also met some supercute kittens..!!! my friend is hosting them before they get adopted. then i almost broke my finger. i had to go to jameses class once and had to do a lil presentation. it was funny. was a bout i try to do it better now. i was just sooo tired and lazy..i'm sorry. seriously i'll change this.
so good night buddys.. love you all!!!<3<3<3<3

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