Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

day 170. international dinner

so today was international dinner day. i woke up at eight thirty. took a quick shower then went down to eat breakfast. it was a yoghurt with clemetines and cereal. then i started to cut my bred for doing the cheese fondue. i got blisters after i was finished. i also cut the chocolate and the cheese. then i put everything together and so i was ready steady to go nd then i waited and waited till they finally came. during this time i skyped with my moma nd lisa.
then we drive upwards to roscommen it was like one and a half hour ride upthere. it was really nice with the wiebers. when we got there everybody was preparing their food. so i got my cheese getting ready to boil and put everything nice together. there was soooo much food. then vicky, i love her!!, said we have a meeting outside to discuss what we are going to do. i met a lot of knowing faces and i was really excited.! so then we went in there and started to grab food and eat. it was really deliscious but there was tooo much.. i grabed from everything something and it filled up my whole plate -> pictures!
then it was time for the presentations.. but what i didn't know that you could make a powerpoint presentation. so i did it the old fashioned way. and draw it on a hudge paper thingy. you will see. i talked about all kind of stuff. it was really improvised. but a lot of fun i like to present. poor vicky had to hold up my poster all the time.'^^
then there was sofias presentation. it was funny before the pres. she said at the table she isn't feeling good she's going to cry..'^^ after the presentation she felt much better. then there were presentations about sierra leon. spain. brazil. south korea. germany. tunesia. but there would be more but we had to go. so we left at 4.30 then we made a short break at mc donalds.. to get some coffee. after that we drove all the way home.. there was some of the prettiest sundowns going on i ever was soooo nice.. !!!and listening to nice music, then it was again one of the nicest sundays ever. '^^
then we got home and now i'm sitting here writing blog. hope you enjoyed.'^^


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