Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011


hei there. today is valentines day so happy v-Day everybody. i wish you all a supernice day.. sad its over now so still... lots of LOVE. i had a nice day. i decided to get earlier at  5.45 but actually i stood up at 6.15.as i went out of my room there was a cute little hearted bag from juan hanging outside. soo cute. then i had a lot of fun get to bus at right time. but we had to wait there for like 20 min. it was really warm out there and then also slippery. as i came in school it was really funny how to see where sometimes the lockers were decorated with a lot of rappingpaper and balloons and so on. then i went to first hour. and all through third hour. there was a lot of stuff going on. i got two roses and two cards. one was from my sister and one was from ariel. like it a loot. then there was a pair who was dating and he got her 10 roses for his girlfriend.  sooo adorable. then i went to lunch. a lot of people brought muffins and other sweet stuff. i was really stuffed but it was good. then i went to art. in sport later on we started playing volleyball. then i went home with james friends. at home i waited for greg to put me to swimming. but he didn't came till 5. after waiting i went swimming. after swim, jessie came and pick me up for going to ariells valentinesday single ladies party. but then i got a message that we should come later on. at 7. so me and jessie went to starbucks at the mall and had a nice time. after that we hurried to ariell. but the funny thing was that we couldn't find it. fun stuff. after a half hour searching we finally called her and asked. then at her house there was a lot of food. for example shrimps which you can put into melted butter and a lot other stuff. i liked it a lot there was too a hudge box of ice cream and chocolate sprinkles and so on. really good. then we went down into  the basement and watched a movie. it called the maid of honor. a really adorable lovecomedy. then as we went home we took the wrong street and lost hour way again. but me and jessie had a lot to talk about and it was nice. i wanna thank you much ariell again, when you are reading this, for this great evening.!!!
then she put me home and i went to take a shower then do some homework and read. after that i went to bed. really late,sadly.. so i wish you all a nice rest of the day. loove you all!!!!


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