Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

day 161. last dayy

so today we finally had a schoolday again. it was a really looong loong day. as i got in school juan asked me if i could help him for the homework.. (isn't it a lil' bit late??) next hour was english. we began to read a new book. it's called the october sky. so then in history we had it bout the second world war. it was really interesting. then third hour was a test bout weathering and so on. in geometry we started a section how you can find the area of a triangle. (i don't want to say something bad but hmmmm didn't i had this things in 6th grade...=S you can't repeat enough..'^^)
then at lunch i had a chickenburger and fries, salad and a banana. then it was time to go to the art. i continued with my painting. i think its going really good. then it was sporttime. guess who lost again almost every game..'^^
then i went home with a friend of james. first we had to shovel the drive way that he could drive out. took us kinda long time..'^^
as we finally got home. i went to the optiker to get some contacts. after this i went running with juan. it was funny how he had always something to complain about..=P but when we got home he punched me in the snow. without reason..(maybe there was one.. but still. always me..=(
then we ate dinner, it was really good. after that i took a shower and as it was my time to clean it i clean it afterwards. then i went down to get a deliscious dessert. it was awesome a cheescake and  strawberries. who were still frozen. then michelle and greg were watch a movie. it was a really funny one. after i watched it
it's called date night.
then i went in my room und now i'm here sitting...
so this weekend we are going to the wedding and we will stay over night. that means be excited for the pictures and see you theen!


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