Montag, 3. Januar 2011

day 128. R.I.P. james

so i woke up this sunday and i thought of going up but i didn't so i stayed in bed for a bit till greg called us to stand up. we should make us ready for the church. i dressed up a bit and ate something for breakfast then we went to church. there i finally got to see sofia again (exchange student from sweden).. we sat next to each other in the service. this service. was quite a sad one. there was one very nice guy, who is now dead. and i liked him a loot. he always gave coments about the preacher like: '' AMEN '' and ''YES THAT'S RIGHT,DAVE'' ''YOU GOT THIS'' and so on. then pastor dave told us that he was in jail and when he got out they said to him that he has cancer and he wont live so long. he was always so nice. a little bit later in the service there was a praying time where everybody can come foreward who had to pray over something that is worth to pray over this year. i went there with sofia. but we weren't the only once. so as we were there i just thought of all of you and hope see you again and everything is going right and so on.
then we got home. i went running for a couple minutes. then i had to do thank you cards for christmas and after that i finished my painting. it took me 5 hours. then i went hush hush to bed. of coarse i made all the stuff ready to go for school.=P
love. nina.

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