Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

day 144. first day of exaams.

so today it wasn't a normal day. i went to school by bus. and when i got to class i had to take first hour exam. english.. i had to write a essay then a multiple choice thing of 170 questions then when i was finished there was a break from like 2 hours.
i went to the caferia and had some studyguides to read for the next exam! i ate too something and that was it actually. then it was time to head out for us history class test. i was finished befor the first dissmissal but it was kind of hard. so then after the test i actually wanted to go to the library and go writing blog but sadly they wrote too exams. so i couldn't go. then i was at the locker when james came up to me and asked me for going over to a friend. then we went to them and ate. after a while we went home.. i had to lie down a bit i was soooo tired. i over slept and missed swimming. but after that i was really nice. i ate something for dinner then made some homework. after a while it got really late. and i went to bed.


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