Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

day 133. eat pray love.

so yesterday i woke up and i couldn't believe this week passed sooo fast. it was incredible. so i dressed myself and hurried to the bus stop. it was really cold but a nice night. so in school i made myself ready for the day and when i got everything to go the bell rang and my schoolday started.. it was a really easy and cool day. after sixth hour i had to wait for paige. i asked her the morning if she could take me with her to swimpractise that i'm not that late again. we all drove to jefferson middlen high to take kara's sister then we went to north east and changed for swimming. i asked if i could have a new swim suit for practise. so they gave me one. and i tried it on and then i picked a bluegrayblack watery pattern swimsuit and just swim with it. this practise was veeery hard. first we had to do some backstroke kickin' then the killer startet.
first from every stroke 12x25 yards. BUT: first was butterfly and in between you had to do one push up. then next length 2 push up then three four till twelve... next was backstroke you had to do step outs but on two's like you swam a lenght backstroke, two step outs, next length swim then 4 stp.outs. next one was 6 and so one till twelve. next one was breast and squats but in threes. the last one was freestyle with leg ups.. on fours. i think that was the hardest one.. at the end i couldn't lift them anymore. so after this we played a bit waterbasketball. then i had to go. at home i ate something then i went to take a shower. i started to do homework as greg came and told me they are watching a movie. so i went down and it was the movie eat pray love. i'm reading the book but i'm now in the half so i didn't knew if i should watch it. but it was such a good movie that i watched it. like i couldn't stop after the half. '^^
it's a reeeaaalyy nice movie. i loved it a lot. when you didn't watched it you have to. it's more a chicflic but yes.
after that i read a chapter of homework then went to sleep. wish you all a fabulous day!!!<3<3

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