Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

day 126. silvester eve..

this day i woke up late. it was the last day of 2010.. and i slept in horrible. so i went up and skyped fast with my family back home. then michelle asked me if i would like to go to a outletmall or the saginaw mall. it was raining so i was more for saginaw. then i made myself ready to go. but we were at home for like 2 hours. then we went there. with two cars. as we got there we split up in several groups. i went with sarah. we had a fun day. we went to several stores and looked at the stuff. it was really nice. the most stuff like jewelery and clothes we looked at it and we were like wow. that would be nice. then looking at the prize, we were mostly like o.O.. okei it kind of little bit expensive=Pi didn't buy much this afternoon. by the time we too got sooo thirsty and we went to the foodcourt and bought  a drink. i got a monster and sarah a frappucino. i can tell that was my first and last monster.. those are soooooooooooo energetic you can really feel it swirring in your veins. like pure coffein..=P i got really sick of this stuff.(but actually it tasts good.) then we met each other again at 4.30.. then we went to mc donalds. to get a drink. after that we went to target and johan's..
after that we headed home. because it was silvester we went to pandoras steakhouse and ate there. it was pretty good.. i liked it.! then i had to make myself ready for the partysleepover by ariel.
as i got there there were already a lot of people downstairs and we had a super time. we could go upstairs to the kitchen and have little snappers. there was too a chocolatefountain. there was a loot of fruits and also pizza. in the basement we exchanged secret santa presents... it's like '' wichtele'' in switzerland. then we had a great evening. it was really awesome.! sure at 12.00 we watched the ball drop in new york city! at the time square..=P
 then we had too a grapejuice for cheering. the boys went home at 1.00 and we girls watched pocahontas then went to sleep.

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