Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

day 130.snoow!!

 so today i had some issues to get up but i finally got it. dressed and breakfasted i went to school. it was very the same and i was so tired from practise yesterday.. then in fourth hour there was first a little bit of fluries falling down then by the time there was like a blizzard snow storm going on it was really nice. so midland town was snowed in. it was snowing like 7 inches. then the rest of the schoolday was cold and fast over. when i got home i should have had swimming at 3.15 but michelle couldn't drive me so i waited a hour till greg drove me. then i went to swim practise. at 5.15 it  was over and i greg picked me up. then i decided to go running for a bit. it was geting dark so i had to hurry up or i would be crossed by a car or something.=P
after that i was quiet tired. then i took a shower. because i was so late all the leftovers were aten up. so i cooked myself spaghettis and yes. after that i made homework. sarah and shelby asked me if i would like to come and make a girlsnite. so i said yes but i have to do homework meanwhile. i was doing it, but we had also a lot of fun. so now i'm kinda sitting on my bed and should go to bed now.=P  did i ever mentioned that shelby is sleeping in my room?
well yes she does. it's funny with her. like her a lot. she should live here. so i have to go to bed now- good night sleep tight don't let the bed  bugs bite..(<-haha so funny, kneeslapper)
luuv you all and take care buddies!

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