Montag, 3. Januar 2011

day 129. BAck To SchOoL

so this morning i was quiet energetic got up early made myself ready to go and had a good feeling. it was very cool in the morning even snowing. i thought it was awesome. so at school it was all the same again and hours went over like a lil breeze. when i got home i had to have a little break. then i made myself ready to go to swimming. after swimming which was really a hard one. we, shelby greg tom and I went right to fencing. it was really a nice fencing. i fenced against tom and greg. against them i did foil and then against two other men which i did epée it was really fun. then it was time to go home. at home i ate some spagethis and then took a shower. after the shower i tried to do homework but i'm really tired so sorry that i didn't wrote a lot. so loooooove you guys and keep it cool..=P
hope you have a nice time everywhere you are!!!<3<3<3 nite

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