Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

day> a little resumee!!

still exams days. it wasn't that hard. we had 3rd and 4th hour exams. then michelle and greg came with the motorhome to go and see the tripplets. it was awesooome. those threes little worms are supercute. their names are mali, emma, and parker. parker is still in the special treatment. his lungs aren't that finished. then we went home. next day was really easy. in art i tried to finished my computerproject. then in sport was a opennote was really easy. then i went home. i went running for bit then went out with a friend. home. next day arielle came and picked me up with family to go upwards. went skiing in caberfae. went snowboarding. cold but awesome. then we went up to petosky in a hotel. ate at a super good restaurant. was delicious. hemmingway went there a lot. next day it was too cold to go skiing and we went up late .so stay in hotel and go swimming. evening we went eating in a other really good restaurant. it was really really good. after dinner we went with a horsesledge through petosky. it was wonderful. going through the snow and seeing the stary up there into the stars. and then highlight a churchbell just like back home. then next day it was -28 celcius so too cold again. we went back home. then there was juan. my, our new hostbrother from columbia. then i came in the swiss radio. in a interview. really exciting.'^^
then i we played a came called risk. the first semester week was pretty cool and normal as the same everyday. except new students in nearly every class. i changed only one class. from lifelong  to teamsports. on monday we got a day off. i went skiing with james and his friends. it was a lot of fun -> pictures.'^^
today i went to the mall. we had a meeting with vicky it was really nice to see her again and the others. like laura aisha and so on. (i met them before...) then when i got home i ate something then went to the movies..-> 127 days. very nice, sad and sometimes. a little bit grosse moments. ->
now i'm home. and writing this. sorry took me so long!

for more questions ask me.'^^


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