Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

day 132. the man from snowy river

today i think was a day you could smack him in the face to wake it up..'^^
i got up veeery tired then went to school of coarse ready to go. it was flurry outside but very nice. in school i had to do first homework then the bell rang and it was time for a super nice day. but it was actually the same yade yade yade.. in sport we did some cool game. cheddar tag. then i went home there there was an other cool present from one of my BFF's andrina. thanks again <3! so then i went running for a bit. after that greg was here and brought me for swimming. but it was only like 20 min long so at the end i did some extras..500 yards free.... then i went home and did all my homework done. a lil bit later i went down for dinner. there were some leftovers. then michelle called me for see her fav. movie. and i really came exactly at the right scene she said. here is this scene. then movie is called the man from snowy river...->
after that there was three angels for charlie-full trottle coming up so i watched that too with her. and it was a lot of fun.'^^
now i'm going to sleep and hope you all have a great day!!! love you all muchissimo!<3<3<3

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