Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

day 134. the black swaan!!

so this morning i woke up extra early that i could go and do homework. it souposed to be a homework day.'^^
so i started and then went down to get breakfast. after that michelle told me they are going to the mall. so i needed something and went also with them. i thought we are going to be there for like an hour but we stayed for 3 hours or something. after that i had to hurry up and make myself ready for going to the movies with jessy. so we went together and watched the black swan. it's kind of a creepy movie.i liked it though.  and we had a looot of fun. after that she drove me home and i had to hurry again and i went to the month dance of janice's church. theyr theme was blue. it was really nice and so funny.. we had a lot of fun. there was a bouwl with blue drink and cookies with blue cream on it. sometimes there was a slow dance and then the speakers said it's ladies or man's joice. so either on of them who was called had to ask someone from the people for a dance. it was nice.'^^
so after that i was super tired and i had to go to bed immediately. sorry bout that.
love. nina

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