Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

day 131. tadaa->*

so this day i stood up the same as everytime. dressd,breakfast,toothbrushed,hurried to bus and then to school. it was kinda sort of all the same except they, the normal students, got a paper for choosing their schedual for next year. so in every class was a introducing thing for the classes. i stayed 7th hour and went weightlifing it was pretty taff but cool. then i had to wait till 4, since greg pick me up at 4. so when i was waiting an other exchange student was there and i went with him to the key club. thats a club which is not from school its more from midland and around projects. maybe i'll join them. then i went home and what a surprise there were two christmas presents wooohooo. yay.. one was from my aunt, godmother and the other from my superdruper siister. thanks again. <3 there was too a letter coming from us. i opened the presents with my parents on my side..'^^ over skype they could chase me opening the presents.
then it was already time for going to church. it  was about BIG dreams. all about the new year and how we suppose to deal with it. it like the resolutions to start them in little steps and sufficient so that we shouldn't stop. i thought that was a pretty good theme right after that we played mafia. its the same game as werwölfle.'^^
it was pretty fun, i died though.-.-
then we went home and i ate something then went to bed.

good nite everybuddy!

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