Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

day 138.mittweek

so that day i was really kinda tired.but i survived. i went to all of my classes and had a lot of fun doing exam previews for next week. it's going to be fun. next week is like a hudge week of tests. on monday we still have preview then we are going to do first and second hour tests on tuesday. 3rd and 4th is wednesday. 5th and 6th is at thursday. friday is day off. the tests are 2hours. and its everywere like this in michigan. i don't know bout the other states. so that day after school i stayed 7th hour. i went doing workouts with weightlifting. it was it was really fun. after that i went home with a friend. at home i went to go running for myself for 20 min. then the new waschmachine came. she is actually the as the other one. then i took a shower. went to eat. done homework. went to church. came home. homework. go to bed.

WE ARE GETTING A NEW EXCHANGE STUDENT!!!!!! he's from columbia.

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