Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

day 135.great lakes crossing.!!!o.O

so this morning i wanted to get up at 6.30 but i was too tired and went to sleep again till seven fifteen. then i made myself ready for a trip trip. i went down ate breakfast and went into the car. first we had to put shelby down at the saginaw airport. it was sad that she had to leave. then we went to michigan's largest outlet center. it was awesooome big. i never saw a mall this big except in chicago. but yes it was biig. then we went to rainforest cafe to eat lunch. julie my other host sister was there too we had a good time. (-> picture.)
then we wandered around there. i went on my own. i really had to take myself together to not buying something.'^^
it was funny, i always asked myself:"do i need this??? yes no."
but finally i didn't bought anything..really cool. when i get home to switzerland i would be a master shoppinger.=P
later at 4.30 we went back to the car and we headed home. during the ride we started to watch a movie. but in the middle it stucked. so we didn't finished it. when we got home we unloaded the motorhome and i had to clean up my room. i reordered a looot of stuff. so tomorrow i'm going to be ready steady to go!! love you all happy new week and enjoy it. mondays like tomorrow(today) will never happen again!!!=)

love all of you nina.


last picture of shelby..=(

the map!

disney stoore!

in the middle that's julie

after i drank my coke, that was left!'^^

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