Montag, 31. Januar 2011

day 156. sundays

so this day i woke up extra early to go to first service cause i promised it to sophia that i'm coming. as i ate breakfast i went through the channels. and as my mom said to me that i have to look more the news and whats going on. i saw the horrible things going on in egypt. well its not that horrible its actually good. for the country.. but the rebellation and so on its kinda violent. then we went to church it was really cold. in the church it was much warmer. then we went home to the house. i went running and it was a really nice day. sunny and warm. so i decided to go to the tridge. it took me really longer than befor. i had to go through knee high snow. and it was either way really nice down there. then i took a shower and ate lunch. then i went in my room to do homework and write letters. at the evening i skyped with my mom and dad. then i went to bed.

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