Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

day 125. (kindof)homeworkday...

so today i woke up at 8.00 and tried to get up till nine o'clock. it was a heavy fight. but i won and got up and went joggin' immediately before i overthink it.. so i went running for 20 min. when i went out of the door i was like: something smells kinda strange here!? and it was the large amount of salt which was on the streets.. brrr.=S then when i got home i took a shower and after that i wanted to do homework but i forgot the brushes at home so i went with michelle to a store to get brushes. before we went there chris had to go and make himself a account(bank) during he did that sarah and i were working to get rid of my swissaccent. it was very funny. then we went to the craftstore to get brushes. when we got home i tried to do a bread it took me the whole afternoon. during the time when it had to rise i draw on my painting. that was the whole afternoon. then like at 6.00 michelle brought some pizza from pizza hut and we ate pizza. she brought some christmas ornaments. they didn't found one with my name on it so they gave me one which stands for friends forever. it's a glassbowl with lightning shiny lights in it. '^^ with the time i came on the point that i like to have a middle name too. so what do you think. at the end we got to too names: they suggested:
1. Nina Elaine Kurth (NEK)
2. Nina Susanne Kurth (NSK)
which is better? or better once?
please answer on this number: 1-989-492-6670
so then i finished working on my drawing. during that i watched bones. cool serie. love it.
when my bred was finished i let it cool out.. then i tried it and it was superdruper. liked it. michelle tried too..she liked it.
so now i have to go to bed cause everybuddy else is going too..

looove you guys. peace out. <3<3<3

sleep good or have a nice day! wherever you are..!

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